Lectures and tutorials

Lectures take place Monday and Wednesday from 12:10-13:00 (LEC0201) and 13:10-14:00 (LEC0101/LEC2000) at UC 140 (University College).

Week Lecture slides (raw) Annotated (12:00) Annotated (13:00) Tutorial
Week 1: Simple induction w1.pdf w1_lec1_annotated.pdf w1_lec2_annotated.pdf ex1.pdf (solutions)
Week 2: Complete induction w2.pdf w2_lec1_annotated.pdf (with post-hoc annotations/context) w2_lec2_annotated.pdf ex2.pdf (solutions)
Week 3: Structural induction & well-ordering w3.pdf w3_lec1_annotated.pdf w3_lec2_annotated.pdf (with post-hoc annotations/context) ex3.pdf (solutions)
Week 4: Runtime of recursive algorithms, unwinding w4.pdf w4_lec1_annotated.pdf w4_lec2_annotated.pdf (with post-hoc annotations/context) ex4.pdf (solutions, quiz 1, quiz 2)
Week 5: Master Theorem w5.pdf w5_lec1_annotated.pdf (with post-hoc annotations) w5_lec2_annotated.pdf no tutorial this week
Week 6: Recursive correctness w6.pdf w6_lec1_annotated.pdf (with post-hoc annotations) w6_lec2_annotated.pdf ex6.pdf (solutions, quiz 1, quiz 2)
Week 7: Iterative (partial) correctness w7.pdf w7_lec1_annotated.pdf w7_lec2_annotated.pdf ex7.pdf (solutions, quiz 1, quiz 2)
Week 8: Proving termination w8.pdf (extra: cleaned up writeup of merge partial correctness proof covered in lecture) w8_lec1_annotated.pdf w8_lec2_annotated.pdf ex8.pdf (solutions, quiz 1, quiz 2)
Week 9: Formal languages/REs w9.pdf w9_lec1_annotated.pdf w9_lec2_annotated.pdf ex9.pdf (solutions)
Week 10: Finite state machines w10.pdf (bonus slide: DFA correctness recipe) w10_annotated.pdf Video recordings: Pt 1, finite state automata; Pt 2, DFA correctness and NFAs ex10.pdf; solutions; quiz solutions: v1, v2, v3, v5, v6,
Week 11: DFSA/NFSA/RE equivalence, closure results No lecture slides/recordings this week. Instead read sections 7.4.2-7.6.2 of Vassos notes. See also this Piazza post ex11.pdf; ex11_solutions.pdf; quiz solutions: v1 (B-less), v2 (Extra), v3 (Evenstar), v4 (Oddstar)
Week 12: Proving nonregularity w12.pdf w12_annotated.pdf Lecture video recording ex12.pdf; ex12_solutions.pdf; quiz v1; quiz v2

Tutorial format

Each week a set of tutorial exercises will be posted that relate to the topics discussed in lecture. You should attempt these exercises before coming to tutorial on Friday. During tutorial, your TA will take questions about the exercises and go over solutions. Solutions will also be uploaded to the course website after tutorials.

Because the tutorial exercises are not graded, you are allowed, and encouraged, to work with other students on them, and to discuss solutions on the discussion board.

During the last 10-15 minutes of tutorial, TAs will distribute a short (typically single-question) quiz. Graded quizzes will be returned in the next tutorial. Each quiz is worth 2% and will be graded on a scale of 0/1/2:

There will be ten quizzes. The quiz during the first week will be just for practice. The remaining nine will together be worth 18% of your final grade.

Tutorial rooms

Tutorials are on Friday at the same time as lecture. Please use the table below to determine your tutorial room. Important: beginning Friday January 24th, several tutorial sections will be held in new rooms. Rooms in bold are different from the previous schedule.

Surname range 12:10-13:00 13:10-14:00
A-Gu RW143 UC140 AB114 UC152
Gv-Mo UC144 UC144
Mp-Tu UC152 BF215 UC140
Tv-Z UC330 BF323 UC261

Name ranges are inclusive. For example, if your last name is 'Morris', you should go to UC144 for tutorial.