This course includes three assignments, each worth 7%, for a total of 21%. Assignments are to be completed individually.

Assignment Content Due Solutions
A1 (a1_starter.tex) Induction (weeks 1-3) Thursday January 30 (week 4) a1_solutions.pdf
A2 (a2_starter.tex,, Recurrences, program correctness (weeks 4-8) Thursday March 12 (week 9) Extended: Sunday March 15, 3pm a2_solutions.pdf
A3 (a3_starter.tex) Formal languages (weeks 9-11) Thursday April 2 (week 12) a3_solutions.pdf

Assignments must be submitted by 3 p.m. on the due date.

The rendered pdf of your solution and the .tex source file should both be uploaded to MarkUs.


Assignment solutions must be typeset using LaTeX. With each assignment, I will include a 'starter' LaTeX document which you may use as a starting point for writing up your solutions (though use of the starter doc is not required).

For some LaTeX tips and helpful links, check out the LaTeX section of the course website.

Late policy

There will be a 5%-per-hour late penalty for assignments. If you have special circumstances that force you to miss a deadline, please e-mail me immediately (usually before the work is due) to request special consideration, concisely describing the reason for the request and attaching any supporting documentation. I will do my best to ensure that there is no penalty for a deadline missed for a valid reason.

Academic integrity

This university is a community of scholars, where we share ideas in a fair and respectful way. In order to make such sharing feasible, you need to be sure that proper credit is given to the source of ideas when they are re-used.

Passing off somebody else's work as your own for credit is a serious academic offence, can have serious consequences, and is also beneath your dignity. Be sure to give full and generous credit to any person, book, or electronic source (except the course notes, instructor, and teaching assistants) you consult in solving your assignments. If you take notes when you consult any source, then you must indicate that you are quoting that source. Type up your assignments on your own, leaving at least an hour of mind-altering activity (for example, TV, shopping, fake news, or video games) after consulting others and before beginning your assignment. Don't show your work (on paper or electronically) to other students, and don't look at other students' work.