CSC 2231: Internet Systems and Services
Fall 2005

NEW!: Project Presentations

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Course Description

Instructor: Stefan Saroiu
Lectures: Mondays and Thursdays 1-2
Location: BA4290 (new location!!!)

Internet systems and services have grown to become indispensable tools; we use them to buy books online, to schedule flights, to chat with people world-wide, or to download multimedia content, such as songs and movies. Despite the Internet's apparent maturity, we are far from understanding how to build fast, scalable, fault-tolerant, and, secure Internet-scale systems. Exploring current solutions and understanding their limitations is an important prerequisite in designing the next generation of Internet systems and services. The need for highly scalable, available, and secure large networked systems is likely to be exacerbated as the Internet becomes as ubiquitous as the telephone and utility networks.

This course is intended to be a tour through modern Internet systems. Topics include peer-to-peer systems, clusters, Web systems, content delivery networks, and Internet security. The course's goals are:

Prerequisite: CSC458 and CSC469 or permission of the instructor.

Course Deliverables

1. The students will read and review research papers. There will be one or two papers assigned as reading for each lecture. The students will submit their paper reviews two hours before lecture. Reviews submitted later than two hours before the lecture will not be read. David Wetherall has a great list of suggestions on how to review papers (here).

2. The students will participate in class. Participation includes but is not limited to asking questions, raising a point, presenting an argument, offering an alternative point of view.

3. The students will complete a group research report on a topic relevant to this course. The instructor will provide a list of suggestions, but the students are free to choose any topic. The research projects will be peer-reviewed by the students and the instructor. More details here.

4. The students will undertake a group reserch project during the term. The goal is to undertake a research idea that could eventually lead to a publication. The instructor will provide a list of suggestions, but the students are free to choose any topic. If you take CSC2228 and this course simultaneously, you can use the same project for both courses. Come see us (Eyal and I) for this. More details here.

The final grade will depend on:

Syllabus and Schedule

Note: All papers linked from this page are copyrighted by their respective authors or publishers.

Date Topic Papers Lectures
M 09/12/05 Introduction
None Lecture 1
R 09/15/05 NOW -- Network of Workstations
Forming report teams due at noon.
NOW (Check reviews) Lecture 2
M 09/19/05 Projects Discussion
Forming project teams due at noon. Choosing report topics due at noon.
R 09/22/05 Building big servers
Project topics due at noon.
Lessons (Check reviews) Lecture 3
M 9/26/05 Building fast servers
LARD (Check reviews) Lecture 4
R 9/29/05 Building fault-tolerant servers
Failure study (Check reviews), Beyond Availability Lecture 5
M 10/3/05 DNS DNS (Check reviews) Lecture 6
R 10/6/05 Akamai
Project proposals due at noon.
Akamai (Check reviews) Lecture 7
M 10/10/05 Thanksgiving Day
R 10/13/05 Web workloads Zipf (Check reviews) Lecture 8
M 10/17/05 Cascon - No lecture
W 10/19/05 Reports due at 11:59pm EST.
R 10/20/05 Cooperative Web Caching Cooperative Web caching (Check reviews) Lecture 9
M 10/24/05 SOSP - No lecture
R 10/27/05 SOSP - No lecture
Report reviews due at noon.
M 10/31/05 Network measurements TCP congestion control (Check reviews), Sting (Check reviews) Lecture 10
R 11/03/05
2-hour Lecture (start at 12pm)
Latency on the Internet
Research report introspection
Project progress reports due at noon.
Internet Path Selection (Check reviews), King (Check reviews) Lecture 11
M 11/07/05 Peer-to-Peer intro Chord (Check reviews), Pastry (Check reviews) Lecture 12
R 11/10/05 DNS as DHT Chord DNS (Check reviews), CoDoNs (Check reviews) Lecture 13
M 11/14/05 P2P Churn Understanding Availability, (Check reviews), Pick Two (Check reviews) Lecture 14
R 11/17/05 P2P Security P2P Security, (Check reviews), Sybil (Check reviews) Lecture 15
M 11/21/05 DHT Geometries DHT geometries (Check reviews) Lecture cancelled
R 11/24/05 P2P Replication TotalRecall, (Check reviews), Glacier (Check reviews) Lecture 16
M 11/28/05 File-sharing workloads The Long Tail, (Check reviews), P2P Workloads (Check reviews) Lecture 17
R 12/1/05 Video file-servers Tiger (Check reviews) Lecture 18
W 12/7/05
Project Presentations
Presentation schedule
R 12/8/05 State of the Course Address