CSC 373, Spring 2018
Algorithm Design, Analysis and Complexity

General Information

Instructor Prof. Allan Jepson.
Email jepson at cs dot utoronto dot ca
Office Hours Wed. 4:20-5pm in D.L. Pratt 283D (Note start at approx 4:20, since I am coming from class in Lash Miller)
Or by appointment.
Lectures L0101 and L2003: Mon., Wed. and Fri., 11am-noon, Bahen Center, BA 1190
 L0201: Mon., Wed. and Fri., 3-4pm, Lash Miller, LM 161
Tutorials Mon. 4-5pm, start Jan 15
As of Mon. Feb 12, all tutorials in BA1190.
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Links to assignments, midterms, and related information are (will be) provided here.
Percent Posting Date Due Date Links
A1 12% Jan 15 9:00am, Thurs, Jan 25 Sample Solutions (updated Jan. 31)
Midterm #1 12%   Jan. 31 Solutions
Questions: 11am, 3pm.
A2 (updated 4:25pm Feb. 6) 12% Feb 5 11:59pm, Fri, Feb 16 Sample Solutions
Midterm #2 12%   Mar. 12 Sample solutions for exams at:
11am, and 3pm.
Questions: 11am, 3pm.
A3 (Updated 5:05pm, Mar. 21) 12% Mar. 19 9:00am, Thurs, Mar. 29 Sample Solutions

Past Exams

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Lecture and Tutorial Materials

Links to some of the lecture notes and tutorial exercises are provided below.

My lecture slides are modified versions of those by Kevin Wayne.

Password for Lecture Notes. In order to respect the copyright, my lecture notes require a password to open them. The password will be announced in the first lecture. Please do not distribute it outside of this class. If you miss the first lecture, email me to ask for the password and include your UofT login name and student number.

Date Notes Optional Readings
Jan 5-12 Greedy Design 1 slide per page (1pp), 4 slides per page (4pp)

Greedy Graph Algorithms 1pp, 4pp (updated Jan 15, 2018)
Dijkstra demo 1pp, 4pp.
Read Chapter 4, up to end of Sec. 4.7 of Kleinberg and Tardos.
Tutorial 1:
Mon, Jan 15
Greedy algorithm exercises Solutions
Jan 17-22 Divide and Conquer (1pp), (4pp) (updated Jan 19, 2018)
Demo: Inversion Counting 1pp. 4pp.
Read Chapter 5, up to end of Sec. 5.5 of Kleinberg and Tardos.
Tutorial 2:
Mon, Jan 22
MST exercises Solutions
Jan. 22-29 Intro to Dynamic Programming (1pp), (4pp) (updated Jan 23, 2018)
Read Chapter 6, up to end of Sec. 6.7.
Tutorial 3:
Mon, Jan 29
Divide and Conquer exercises
Jan. 29 - Feb 5 Dynamic Programming in Graphs (1pp), (4pp) (updated Feb 2)
Finish reading Chapter 6.
Tutorial 4:
Mon, Feb 5
Dynamic Programming exercises (updated Feb 1, 2018) Solutions
Feb 5-9 Intro to Network Flow (1pp), (4pp) (updated Feb 8).
Proof of Flow Value Lemma.
Demo: Ford-Fulkerson Method (1pp), (4pp).
Read Chapter 7, up to end of Sec. 7.3
Tutorial 5:
Mon, Feb 12
Network Flow Intro exercises Sample Solutions
Feb 12-16 Network Flow Applications (Part I) (1pp), (4pp).
Network Flow Applications (Part II) (1pp), (4pp).
Read Chapter 7.5, up to end of Sec. 7.11
Tutorial 6:
Mon, Feb 26
Network Flow exercises Solutions
Feb 26-28 The set P and Polynomial Reductions (1pp), (4pp) Read Chapter 8, up to end of Sec. 8.2
Tutorial 7:
Mon, Mar 5
Polynomial Reduction exercises Solutions
Mar 2 - NP and NP-Complete (1pp), (4pp). (Updated Mar.5)
co-NP (1pp), (4pp). (Updated Mar.5)
Read Chapter 8.
Tutorial 8:
In office,
Mon, Mar. 12
Self-reduction: Vertex-Cover Solutions
Tutorial 9:
Mon, Mar 19
NP-complete exercises Solutions
Mar. 16 - Intro to Linear Programming (1pp), (4pp).
Duality in Linear Programming (1pp), (4pp).
Read Sections 1 and 2 of Linear Programming and Sec. 11.6 of text.
Mar. 19 Lectures cancelled Mon., March 19. The tutorial will be held as normal.  
Tutorial 10:
Mon, Mar 26
NP-complete and cliques (updated 11am, Mar. 29) Solutions (updated 11am, Mar. 29)
Mar. 26 - Apr. 4 Intro to Approximation Algorithms (1pp), (4pp).
Demo: Makespan Approx. Alg. (1pp), (4pp)
PTAS and FPTAS: Knapsack (1pp), (4pp) (updated 7pm, Apr. 4)
Read Chapter 11, except section 11.7.
Tutorial 11:
Mon, Apr 2
Approximation Algs Solutions
Tutorial 12:
Weighted Vertex Cover Approx Solutions