CSC 373: Old Exams: Questions Listed by Topic

The table below is being maintained in order to help and encourage CSC373/375 students to practice solving sample exam problems. This provides essential preparation for the final exam.

Questions are separated by topic, whenever the topic is made explicit in the exam itself. They are rated on the basis of their expected difficulty for students in CSC373. Green, blue and red denote (very roughly) increasing levels of difficulty.

In coming up with this rating I take into account how the question is phrased, the hints provided, and a time frame of no more than 30 minutes per question. I also assume that the basic concepts in each question (such as CNF-SAT, FFT, or Huffman codes) appeared in the lectures and/or assignments during the term. Finally, based on my experience, any question which requires a novel proof not explicitly seen in class and which requires at least several paragraphs is typically found to be difficult to complete within 30 minutes and is therefore marked red.

The terms are indicated by Spring (S), Summer (Y) (for Yippee), and Fall (F).

Additional exams may be available from the Univ. of Toronto Libraries at old exams repository (search for CSC373H or CSC375H).

Term Available Exams Greedy Algs Greedy: MST Divide and Conquer FFT Dynamic Programming Network Flow Linear Programing Approximation Algorithms Local Search Randomized Algorithms General Alg Design Other
2006F csc373h-d06.pdf Q2a, Q2b, Q2c Q1a, Q1b Q3   Q4 Q1c-d, Q1e, Q5 Q1g          
2006F CSC375: csc375h-d06.pdf Q3a Q1a repeat,
Q1b repeat
      Q1d repeat, Q5a Q5b Q3b, Q3b: 3-approx     Q2, Q3c, Q4  
2007S csc373h-m07.pdf Q1a-b, Q1c   Q3   Q2 Q4a-c, Q4d-e, Q4f Q5 Q6        
2007Y csc373h-a07.pdf   Q5 Q1a-b, Q1c   Q2 Q3 Q4 Q6        
2007F csc373h-d07.pdf   Q1a-b, Q1c Q1a-b   Q2 Q4a-c, Q4d Q5         Q6
2007F CSC375: csc375h-d07.pdf Q2, Q3b   Q1   Q3a, Q4a Q5 Q7 Q4b Q8 Q6    
2008S csc373h-m08.pdf Q1a, Q1b, Q2a, Q2b   Q3   Q4, Q5 Q6, Q7 (repeat)            
2008Y csc373h-a08.pdf Q6a-b   Q2a, Q2b   Q3a-b, Q3c Q4 Q5a-b, Q5c Q5d, Q6a-b     Q1  
2008F csc373h-d08.pdf Q1a, Q1b, Q1c   Q3   Q2a, Q2b-c Q4a-b, Q5 Q4b-c Q6        
2009S csc373h-m09.pdf Q1a,c, Q1b,
Q6a (repeat)
      Q4a,c-d, Q4b, Q5 Q2a-b, Q2c Q3   Q6b      
2009Y csc373h-a09.pdf Q1 (repeat)   Q2   Q3 Q4a, Q4b Q5a-b Q5c-d, Q6a-b, Q6c-d        
2009F csc373h-d09.pdf Q2a, Q2b, Q2c   Q3a, Q3b-c Q7a, Q7b-c Q4 Q5a-d, Q5e Q1b, Q6a-b, Q6c-e Q1a Q1b Q1c    
2009F CSC375: csc375h-d09.pdf                        
2010S csc373h-m10.pdf                        
2010Y csc373h-a10.pdf