Winter 2005 -- CSC 340H:
"Information Systems Analysis and Design"

UTM: Lecture Summaries

This webpage will contain summaries of the lecture notes during the term.

Please note that these summaries are in no way a substitute for your own lecture notes (or notes borrowed from someone else in the class).

Week Readings Lecture Summary
1 "What is Requirements Engineering?"
"What are Requirements"
(Draft chs. 1 and 2 of Prof. Easterbrook's textbook)
Monday 2up, 4up
Wednesday 2up, 4up
2 "What is Engineering?"
(Draft ch. 3 of Prof. Easterbrook's textbook)
Monday 2up, 4up
Wednesday 2up, 4up
3 Standard 830-1998 for Requirements Specifications Monday 2up, 4up
Wednesday 2up, 4up
4 Notes on the PIECES framework.
For more guidance on feasibility studies, take a look at Prof. Sauter's resources on estimation and feasibility.
Axel van Lamsweerde's Tutorial on Goal Modelling () from the RE'01 conference
Alistair Sutcliffe's Tutorial on Scenarios () from the RE'03 conference.
Faye Baron's goal modeling extract
Monday 2up, 4up
Wednesday 2up, 4up
5 Ann Hickey and Alan Davis' paper on Elicitation Technique Selection () from the RE'03 conference.
Barry Boehm's "Software Risk Management: Principles and Practices" (), IEEE Software, January 1991.
Elicitation Techniques 2up, 4up
Risk 2up, 4up
6 Stephen White's paper on Business Process Modeling and Activity Models
Stephen White's Introduction to Business Process Modeling
Requirements Modelling 2up, 4up
Modelling Enterprises 2up, 4up
Reading Week
7 No new readings this week - a great opportunity to catch up! Modelling Objects 2up, 4up,
Modelling Relationships 2up, 4up
8 Harel and Gery's paper Executable Object Modelling with Statecharts (), IEEE Computer, July 1997. (David Harel was the inventor of the statechart notation).
The entry on SCR in the Encylopedia of Software Engineering (Ed. John J. Marciniak, Jan 2002).
Modelling State 2up, 4up
Modelling Events 2up, 4up
9 No readings this week. Modelling Interactions 2up, 4up
10 No readings this week. Non-functional Requirements 2up, 4up
Verification and Validation 2up, 4up
11 Karlsson and Ryan's paper A Cost-Value Approach for Prioritizing Requirements (), in IEEE Software, Sept-Oct 1997 Prioritizing Requirements 2up, 4up
Software Evolution 2up, 4up
12 Parnas's paper Software Aging (), in 16th International Conference on Software Engineering, 16-21 May 1994 Moving into Design 2up, 4up
Software Architectures 2up, 4up
13 Exam Review

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