CSC340F: Information Systems Analysis and Design

(Fall term 2004)


About the Course

This course covers the theory, tools and techniques of information systems analysis and design. Topics include: theory of systems and organizations; object-oriented analysis and design.

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Note: Links to papers on the IEEE electronic library (marked ) will only work if you have a subscription. U of T has an institutional subscription, so these links should work from anywhere on campus. Please respect the copyrights on all material here - they are provided for your own personal use as part of the course, and should not be duplicated or re-distributed in any form.

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Contact Details


Prof. Steve Easterbrook
web page:
phone: 978-3610 (please use only for emergencies)
Office: BA5234 (Bahen Center)
Office Hours: TBD


Jorge Aranda <jaranda(AT)cs> tutorial room BA2155
Jennifer Horkoff <jenhork(AT)cs> tutorial room BA3012
Alexei Lapouchnian <alexei(AT)cs> tutorial room BA3116
Amy Lo <ami_lo(AT)> tutorial room BA2159