Mon Dec 6, 2004: In tomorrow's lecture, we'll be saving some time to fill out the course evaluation forms. We welcome all your feedback, whether positive or negative.

Fri Dec 3, 2004: Folks, I've now posted the sample final exams from 2003 and 2004. Also, I apologise for misleading you slightly this morning when talking about which things are optional in the syntax of statecharts. For a definitive description, I suggest Harel and Gery's paper, which was posted as a reading for week 8. Remember that when we grade your assignments and exams, we don't penalize for syntax problems, as long as the model is clear and consistent.

Tues Nov 30, 2004: This Friday's tutorial will be held in MP102. In the tutorial, I will give an overview of the course, and discuss exam preparation. Don't forget your assignments are also due in this tutorial.

Fri Oct 29, 2004: Samples of the midterm test are now available.

Wed Oct 6, 2004: I have now posted a Frequently Asked Questions list for the course. If you still have questions about the first assignment, you might find the answers here. Remember, we will not answer any questions about the assignment in the 24 hour period prior to the submission deadline.

Wed, Oct 6, 2004: Some of you have been having difficulty printing out the slides, because of the colour. I've added greyscale version of the last two lectures. If this solves the problem, I'll create greyscale versions of the earlier lectures too.

Wed Sept 29, 2004: As announced in the lectures, the tutorial this Friday is cancelled. Take the opportunity to catch up on your sleep, or get on with the inspection exercise. If you missed the first few tutorials, and still don't have a team, please get in touch with the instructor urgently.

Friday Sept 24, 2004: The sample specifications for assignment 1 are now available. Don't forget you need to choose one of these for your inspection.

Thu 16th Sept 2004: The first two assignments are now available, but you'll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to find them...

Wed 15th Sept 2004: We now have a fourth TA for the course, so there will be four tutorial sections to choose from on Friday. The main task in the tutorial is to form teams. If you already have a team of 3, fill out the team information form, and bring it with you to a tutorial.

Saturday 28th August 2004: This site has now been updated for the Fall 2004 section of CSC340. Classes begin on Thursday 9th September.