CSC340F: Information Systems Analysis and Design

(Fall term 2002)


About the Course

This course covers the theory, tools and techniques of information systems analysis and design. Topics include: theory of systems and organizations; structured analysis and design; user interface design.

General Course Handouts

Lecture Notes & Weekly Readings

Here I'll post the lecture notes, and suggest some relevant parts of the textbook to read as a supplement to each week's lecture topics. These are from the required text, Bennet et al., "Object-Oriented Systems Analysis and Design", except where noted otherwise. Note that chapter and page references are different if you have the first edition of the book - I'll try and indicate the differences.

Other stuff:

Assignments and Exams

One of our TAs, Bowen Hui, put together some guidance for the assignments, including tips on what to avoid.

There is a Preliminary List of Grades. (6/1/2003).

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