Students & Postdocs

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PhD Graduates Senior Research Fellow:
  • Dr. Mate Soos, Senior Research Fellow (Mar-June 2023; Jul -- Sep 2019; Mar -- June 2018)
Post-doc "Gradautes": Masters Graduates:
  • Alexis de Colnet, MComp@NUS (Graduated: Dec 2018); now post-doc at TU Wien
  • Rahul Gupta, BTech+MTech@IITK ( co-advised with Subhajit Roy (IITK)
  • Shubham Sharma, BTech+MTech@IITK (Graduated: May 2019), co-advised with Subhajit Roy (IITK)
  • Delannoy Remi Christian, MComp@NUS, (Graduated: Dec 2019)
  • Lorenzo Ciampiconi, MS@Politecnico di Milano (Graduated: Dec 2019)


Full publication list, organized by


  • CSC2512: Advanced Propositional Reasoning (Fall 2023)
  • CS3243: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Fall 2020; Fall 2021)
  • CS 4244: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (Spring 2023; Spring 2021; Spring 2020; Spring 2019; Spring 2018)
  • CS 4269/5469: Fundamentals of Logic in Computer Science (Fall 2019)
  • CS 6283: Advanced Topics in Computer Science: Logic in AI (Fall 2018)


Selected Recorded Talks

  • Counting, Sampling, and Synthesis: The Quest for Scalability [slides] [video](@NUS)
  • Functional Synthesis: An Ideal Meeting Ground for Formal Methods and Machine Learning [slides] [video](@Wisconsin)
  • Approximate Counting and Sampling [slides] [video] (@Simons Institute)
  • The Rise of Approximate Model Counting: Beyond Classical Theory and Practice of SAT [slides] [video](@Simons Institute)
A detailed list of talks (along with slides) is available [here].


  • 01 August 2023

    Our IJCAI23 paper on the complexity of total variation distance is featured on Oded Goldreich’s choices.

  • 15 July 2023

    Our CAV paper received Distinguished Paper Award. Joint work with Jiong Yang.

  • 25 May 2023

    Don Knuth talked about our algorithm: for distinct element estimation at Stanford theory seminar. He has also posted an article on the algorithm (well, it should be called KCVM).

  • 16 May 2023

    Our paper on using causal reasoning for SAT solving is accepted to SAT-23.

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