Most of the projects listed on this page are now complete or have been handed off to collaborators. Many of the themes developed through these projects carry forward into the active projects of my lab. You can find more information on these projects under publications.

Project List

Protein Redesign, Ensemble-Based Modeling of Molecular Flexibility, Improved Pruning Algorithms and Divide-and-Conquer Strategies for Dead-End Elimination (DEE) -- NonRibosomal Peptide Synthesis (NRPS) -- K*
  • with Bruce Donald, Amy Anderson, Ivelin Georgiev, Brian Stevens
Disease Diagnosis via Analysis of Expression Dependent Proteomic Profiles of Mass Spectrometry of Blood Serum
  • with Bruce Donald, Hany Farid
Automated Assignment and Structure Determination in NMR Structural Biology
  • with Chris Langmead, Ram Mettu, Chris Bailey-Kellogg, Lincong Wang, Anthony Yan, Bruce Donald
Novel Computational Methods for Dealing with Non-Crystallographic Symmetry in X-Ray Crystallography
  • with Bruce Donald, Chris-Bailey Kellogg, Amy Anderson
Computer-Aided Drug Design -- CBF-beta (AMML)
  • with John Bushweller, Bruce Donald
Computer-Aided Drug Design -- Development of a Virtual Reality Molecular Modeling Environment
  • with Richard Gillilan
Object Recognition Using Subspace Methods (Machine Vision)
  • with Daniel Huttenlocher, Clark Olson

Current Projects

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