Abraham Heifets - PhD Student
Computer Aided Organic Synthesis Planning (CAOSP)
Algorithms for Ligand-based Active Site Alignment
Maria Mirza - PhD Student
Protein Redesign
Resistance Modeling
Study of Codon Bias
Izhar Wallach - PhD Student
Structure-Based Drug Discovery
Active Site Characterization
Synthetic Genetic Array (SGA) Experiment Planning
Navdeep Jaitly - (Lab Alum) PhD Student
  • Model Building and Refinement in Electron Cryomicroscopy
    Statistical Models
    Deep is now an ML graduate student with Geoff Hinton!

Satyam Merja - Engineering Science Undergraduate Student
Medical Image Analysis
CPR Outcome Prediction
Mustafa Abbas - ECE Undergraduate Student
  • Super-Resolution
Stella Chui - (Alum) DCS Undergraduate Student
  • Codon Usage Bias
    Stella now works at Microsoft!
Debbie Winter - (Alum) DCS Undergraduate Student
Homolog Structure Comparison
Study of Conserved Protein-Protein Interactions
Debbie is now a graduate student in Computational Biology at Duke University!

Marcus Brubaker - (Grad - Machine Vision)
Advisor: David Fleet
Automated Model Building in Elecron Cryomicroscopy
Derek Kwok - (Lab Alum) (Grad - Machine Vision)
Advisor: David Fleet
  • Camera Model and Tracking for Computational Analysis of Ice Hockey Gameplay
    Derek now works at Epson!
Christian Muise - (Lab Alum) (Grad - Knowledge Rep.)
Advisor: Sheila McIlraith
Molecular Visualization
Head Tracking / Nintendo Wiimote
Mansoor Siddiqui - (Lab Alum) (UofT DCS Alum)
Computational Analysis of Ice Hockey Gameplay
Mansoor is now a graduate student in Computer Science at McGill University!

Doug Cossar - Structural Genomics Consortium
  • Molecular Biology; Microbiology
    Project: Codon Analysis
Andrew Emili - Banting & Best Dept. Med. Research, Dept. of Medical Genetics, CCBR
Project: Analysis of Synthetic Genetic Arrays
David Fleet - Dept of Computer Science
Machine Vision
Projects: Cryo-EM, Hockey Analysis
John Rubinstein - Dept of Biochemistry & SickKids
Electron Microscopy; Structural Biology
Project: Cryo-EM

People and Groups I collaborate with or talk to about research.

  • Toronto, Ontario - Canada
  • Dartmouth College - Dept. of Computer Science
Bruce Donald
Duke University - Dept. of Computer Science and Biochemistry
Chris Langmead
Carnegie Mellon University - School of Computer Science
Siwei Lyu
SUNY Albany - Dept. of Computer Science
Ramgopal Mettu
U. Massachusetts Amherst - Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hilary Ryder
Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center - Dept. of Medicine

Lab Pictures

We need to assemble more, but here's a sampling of people in and around the lab.

Local Community

We are part of the Computational Biology Group in the Department of Computer Science. We work and share lab space with Mike Brudno and his group.

Please check out the DCS Computational Biology webpage to learn more about our program, students, and faculty.

Gary Bader maintains an excellent list of local PIs working in CompBio.

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