Schedule & Notes

Lectures: W 7-9 (BA1170)

Tutorials: W6 (right before the lecture, in the rooms shown below; NO tutorial the 1st week)

Part I: Basic Graphics Primitives
Week 1
DateLecture topicSub-topicOnline notesTextbookExternal links
Wed, Sep 15    Tutorial    No tutorial this week   
Wed, Sep 15    Introduction & raster operations [Slides]    Line drawing, 2D polygons, parametric 2D curves (circle, ellipse)    Introduction to Graphics;
3.1-3.5; 2.5-2.6    Leonid's slides; Computer display; Raster graphics; Bresenham's line algorithm; List of curves; Ellipse; Polygon;
Week 2
Wed, Sep 22    Tutorial    C++, OpenGL and Hierarchical Models   
Wed, Sep 22    2D Transformations [Slides]    Rigid, conformal, affine transformations. Homogeneous coordinates. Coordinate-free geometry.    2D Transformations;
Coordinate-Free Geometry;
6.1; 2.4; 6.3    General Transformations; Affine transformations;
Week 3
Wed, Sep 29    Tutorial    C++, OpenGL and Hierarchical Models   
Wed, Sep 29    3D Surfaces [Slides]    Planes, tangents, normals, bilinear patches, quadrics/superquadrics. 3D transformations.    3D Objects;
2.9-2.11; 13.1; 6.2    Plane; Cylinder; Surface of revolution; Quadric; Normal Vector; Surface parameterization;
Part II: Viewing in 3D
Week 4
Wed, Oct 6    Tutorial    3D meshes, cylinders, surfaces of revolution    2.11   
Wed, Oct 6    Camera models and 3D transformations [Slides]    Viewer coordinates. Perspective and orthographic projections. Pseudo-depth.    Camera Models;
7.2-7.3; 7.3-7-5    Camera transforms (OpenGL FAQ);
Week 5
Wed, Oct 13    Tutorial    Life of a polygon: object, world, camera coordinates, homogeneous projection, 3D view volume    7.1-7.2; 12.1   
Wed, Oct 13    Visibility [Slides]    HSR and z-buffer. Spatial partitions, BSP trees    Visibility;
8.1-8.2    View volume applet (Brown);
Part III: Appearance Modeling and Rendering
Week 6
Wed, Oct 20    MIDTERM (No tutorial this week)   
Wed, Oct 20    Lighting and reflection [Slides]    Diffuse, ambient, specular, and Phong models. Interpolative shading.    Basic Lighting and Reflection;
Interpolative Shading;
9.1-9.2; 2.10-2.11; 3.6; 9.2; 11.1-11.4   
Week 7
Wed, Oct 27    Tutorial    Life of a polygon - homogeneous perspective, clipping, visibility, backfaces, BSP trees. Background and OpenGL for A2    12.3-12.4   
Wed, Oct 27    Texture Mapping & Ray tracing [Slides]    Texture mapping & scan conversion. Basic ray tracing algorithm. Computing ray-plane intersections.    Texture mapping;
    Texture mapping; Procedural textures; Mipmapping;
Week 8
Wed, Nov 3    Tutorial    Lighting and texturing in OpenGL   
Wed, Nov 3    Ray tracing (cont) [Slides]        Basic Ray Tracing;
Week 9
Wed, Nov 10    Tutorial    Refraction and transmission. Ray trace pseudo-code    10.8, 10.10   
Wed, Nov 10    Radiometry [Slides]    The BRDF. Radiant Intensity, Irradiance and Radiance    Radiometry;
Distribution Ray Tracing;
19; 10.8; 10.10; 14.1-14.4; 24.1-24.2   
Week 10
Wed, Nov 17    Tutorial    Ray tracing   
Wed, Nov 17    Advanced rendering [Slides]    Advanced rendering effects.    24.1-24.2   
Part IV: Interpolation and Animation
Week 11
Wed, Nov 24    Tutorial    Curves   
Wed, Nov 24    Interpolation [Slides]    Polynomial interpolation, Cardinal (Catmull-Rom) splines    Interpolation;
Smooth Curves and Surfaces;
15.1-15.3, 15.6.1, 15.4-15.5    1D Polynomial interpolation applet; Catmull-Rom applet; Bézier curve applet (UNC); Bézier curve applet (Brown); Bézier patch applet (OGI); Bézier patch applet (Cornell);
Week 12
Wed, Dec 1    Tutorial    Final exam review   
Wed, Dec 1    Animation [Slides]    Key-framing, parametric curves, motion capture. Data-driven and Physics-based animation    16.1-16.2, 16.4-16.5; Lasseter   


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