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Photo: University of New Hampshire, 1990 ECAC Champions

  Photo Notes:
    (1) The former or current members of Team USA who are present in
        the above picture are: Shawna Davidson, Karyn Bye, Heidi Chalupnik,
        Ellen Weinberg, Colleen Coyne, and Erin Whitten.  Coach Russ
        McCurdy coached Team USA at the Championnats mondiaux in 1992.
    (2) That's me with the "C", holding the plate -- sorry for biasing
        the pictures towards teams for which I have played! ;-)

US College Hockey

Here is a list of all women's college hockey teams in the USA. There is currently a Division I ECAC league, a western and eastern ECAC Alliance league, and a western and eastern Club league. If you need to contact one of the coaches, here is the directory for the US college teams. Here is some information on women's hockey scholarships in the United States.

Congrats to the UNH Wildcats who won the 1996 ECAC women's hockey championship! On March 10th 1996, UNH defeated Providence in 5 periods of overtime!! This is the longest game ever in men or women's collegiate ice hockey history. Those were 20 minute periods!!! That's like playing 2.5 games!! Someone get me an oxygen mask ... gasp, wheeze, cough!! :-)

Other news is that the women's hockey team at Northeastern University will maintain its Varsity status! That's great news! Congrats to those who worked so hard to save the NU women's hockey program!

ECAC Information for this Season (96-97):

College Hockey Mailing List (hockey-l):

The hockey-l college hockey mailing list is a useful source of women's college hockey information. Details about how to join this list are provided in my Women's Hockey Information web page. The hockey-l mailing list keeps a number of files about women's hockey on a gopher menu system. I'd like to give a special thanks to Richard Hungerford for providing this information and for doing so much for women's hockey. Here are some links to directly access various files in the menus, or to go directly to the hockey-l gopher menus:

1996-97 Season: 1995-96 Season: 1994-95 Season: Other Files:

The above hockey-l files are also available by sending an email message file request to the hockey-l listserver. The listserver will process your request and mail you a copy of the file. When you request a file from the listserver, you need to specify the name of the file which you would like to receive (names are provided in parentheses in the lists above). For example, if you wanted to have the 1995-96 Women's Div I ECAC Standings (9596WCNF STAND) file mailed to you, then you would send mail to "listserv@maine.maine.edu", and in the BODY of your message you would write "get 9596WCNF STAND" (without the quotation marks).

US College women's hockey web pages:

Results from Previous Seasons:

1995-96 Results:

1994-95 Results:

1993-94 Results:

1992-93 Results:


Canadian University Hockey

Here is information about women's university hockey teams in Canada. If anyone has more information about which universities in Canada have women's hockey teams, please send me e-mail. Women's hockey is now a CIAU sport with a National Championship!

If you need to contact a coach of one of the teams, here is the directory for some Canadian university teams. Here is some information on eligibility for Canadian women's university hockey.

The hockey goals web page may be handy if you are considering applying to a university. You may also find Alan Chim's guide to choosing a university/college to be helpful. Check out the Varsity Scouting Program, a non-profit scouting service for Bantam and Midget age female hockey players. The purpose of this program is to identify those female players that are both strong students and good hockey players.

Congrats to the University of Guelph for winning the 1997-98 Ontario Championship.

98-99 Canadian University Rosters:

97-98 Canadian University Rosters:

96-97 Canadian University Rosters:

95-96 Canadian University Rosters:

Canadian University Hockey Pages:

Ontario University Athletics (OUA):

University Hockey in Other Countries

Girls' High School and Junior College Hockey

United States

Junior College Hockey

High School Hockey

Here is some information about girls' high school hockey in the USA, including a list of the teams in the New England Prep School (NEPSAC) league.


High School Hockey

Here is some information about girls' high school hockey leagues in Canada. The list of teams is not complete, so if you know of any other high school girls' hockey teams in Canada that should be added, please let me know.

Some Other US College Hockey Sites:

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