Here is some information which was provied by Tamara McKernan who is the Women's Coordinator for the National In-Line Hockey Association.

General Information

Ringette is a sport in which primarily girls and women of all ages compete at all levels of physical activity using their strength, intellect and spirit to obtain measurble results. The game provides numerous opportunities for players to develop their skills on and off the ice, to compete competitively and make new friends.

The sport was invented in 1963 in Ontario by the late Sam Jacks. It was to be a winter team sport layed on ice with skates for girls as an alternative, somewhere between figure skating and ice hockey. Today it has been adapted to gym ringette and in-line ringette. This summer there are clinics happening throughout Alberta where communities are learning the new variations!

Players use straight sticks to pass, carry and shoot a rubber ring. For the gym and in-line version, a larger, harder ring is used which slides on any surfact. The objective is to control the ring while moving it down the ice to score goals in opposing team's net.

There are over 35,000 people playing ringette across Canada. Since it's inception, registration has increased each year. Ringette is played in all provinces and the NWT. Over the course of the average season there are more than 125 sanctioned tournaments from coast to coast.

The game is played by 2 teams of 9 to 18 players with 6 on the ice at one time - (5 skaters plus a goalie). Ringette consists of two 15 or 20 minute stop time periods. At this time there are nine official ages classifications ranging from 7 & under to 30 & over. The rules of ringette promote team play, development of strong motor, coordination and control skills.

Ringette is growing in all skill levels, from recreational grassroots to international competition. The sport is played in Canada, the US, Europe, Japan and Russia. Players in Canada can aspire to participate in the Canada Winter Games, National Championships and World Cup Championships. This past season saw ringette teams go for gold in both the 1995 Grande Prairie Canada Winter Games and the 17th annual National Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In April 1996, the elite will battle for the 4th World Ringette Championships in Stockholm, Sweden.

For more information, visit the Ringette Canada Web Page. They can also be contacted as follows:

      e-mail: ringette.canada@rtm.cdnsport.ca

      s-mail: Ringette Canada
              1600 James Naismith Dr.
              Gloucester, ON
              K1B 5N4

      phone:  (613) 748-5655
      FAX:    (613) 748-5860

Or contact the International Ringette Federation at:

      s-mail: Betty Shields, President
              Box 117, R.R. 3
              Wakefield, Quebec
              J0X 3G0

      phone:  (819) 827-5143
        FAX:  (819) 827-5144

And here is a link to a more informal description of Ringette.

Tamara McKernan
email: nihacan@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca

Canadian Qualifier for 1996 World Ringette Championship

This past weekend the St. Albert Ringette Association hosted the 1996 World Ringette Championship Qualifier in St. Albert, Alberta.

Because there does not yet exist a national team for ringette in Canada, this tournament will determine the Canadian representative for the 1996 World Ringette Championships in Stockholm, Sweden. Each province sent a representative team made up of elite players, 16 and over.

Many of these players recently competed in both the Canada Winter Games as well as the spring time Canadian Ringette Championships.

Here are the final round robin standings, followed by game by game results:

Final Round Robin Standings, Sept 10, 1995

Team            W       L       GF      GA      Pts
Alberta         4       1       26      16      8
Ontario         4       1       26      16      8
Quebec          3       2       19      15      6
B.C.            2       3       15      25      4
Saskatchewan    1       4       14      21      2
Manitoba        1       4       13      22      2

Results for Thursday, September 7

Ontario 5       Quebec  4       (ot)
Alberta 7       Sask.   0
Manitob 3       BC      2
Quebec  4       Sask    3
Ontario 5       Manitob 3
BC      7       Alberta 6

Results for Friday, September 8

AB      4       QC      2
ON      8       BC      2
SK      4       MN      3       (ot)
BC      1       QC      5
AB      6       MN      3
ON      5       SK      4       (ot)

Results for Saturday, September 9

BC      3       SK      2
QC      4       MN      2
AB      4       ON      3       (ot)


ON      2       QC      1

FINAL Results - Sunday, September 10

AB      3       ON      2       (ot)

The final game was probably the best ringette game I have seen in long, long time. It was fast and exciting, this level of ringette packed the rink all weekend. Congrat's to Alberta!! -- Tamara

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