Le hockey féminin en patins à roues alignées

Photo: Tamara McKernan (red) being chased by Ginette Traversy during a scrimmage in Edmonton.

1994 World Roller Hockey Championship

The Women's World Roller Hockey Championship (short-stick roller hockey) was held in Portugal around the beginning of October 1994. Here are the final placings of the 19 countries participating in the tournament:

  1. Spain
  2. Canada
  3. Japan
  4. Portugal
  5. Italy
  6. Netherlands
  7. USA
  8. Switzerland
  9. New Zealand
  10. Germany
  11. Brazil
  12. Australia
  13. England
  14. South Africa
  15. Argentina
  16. Angola
  17. Andorra
  18. Mexico
  19. Austria

Sorry, I only have the scores for Team Canada:

   Canada 9    USA 1
   Canada 7    Australia 1
   Canada 11   Switzerland 1
   Canada 15   New Zealand 1
   Canada 2    Italy 0     (Quarterfinal)
   Canada 6    Portugal 3  (Semifinal)
   Spain  5    Canada   3  (Final)

This version of roller hockey is the traditional roller hockey that uses the international rules, unlike the RHI (Roller Hockey International) league and the picture shown at the top of this page. In international roller hockey, the sticks are much shorter, a hard ball (instead of a puck) is used, and the playing surface is much smaller. The 1996 Championnats mondiaux will be in Sertaozinho, Brazil. Women's Roller hockey is not an Olympic sport yet.

The information in this section was provided by Sandy Nimmo of the Canadian In-Line and Roller Skating Association (CIRSA) (nation wide) (email: cirsa@io.org) and the Metro Toronto & Region Roller Hockey League (MTRRHL) (Greater Toronto Area). CIRSA is a non-profit organisation.

Women's Roller Hockey

Yes, that's right WOMEN'S ROLLER HOCKEY! Did you ever want to try roller hockey but didn't want to put up with the smell of sweaty guys? Well, finally there is a roller hockey league that has created two divisions just for women. One division for experienced players (from ice hockey, ringette, etc.) and another division for the beginner or recreational player. Furthermore, the C.I.R.S.A. (Canadian In-Line & Roller Skating Association) will help to coordinate Women's programs in any other area of the country where demand exists. Perhaps you've even heard a few rumours about roller hockey. To clear up any confusion, there are two kinds of roller hockey. We will refer to them as the "short" stick and "long" stick games.

"Short" Stick Game

"Long" Stick Game

"Short Stick" in 1996 ...

The 1996 Championnats mondiaux is in Sertaozinho, Brazil in September. Three camps will be held to choose the team that represents Canada in Brazil. All of these will be held in the Toronto area.

Camp#1 - June 1996 Camp#2 - July 1996 Camp#3 - August 1996 August/September National Team training.

"Long Stick" in 1996...

Subject to availability of funds, the Canadian In-Line and Roller Skating Association (CIRSA) will coordinate hockey camps for women in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, London, Toronto and Montreal - May through June, 1996.

Various league play opportunities across Canada. Call 1-800-958-0000.

The Metro Toronto and Region Roller Hockey League (MTRRHL) will offer two women's divisions in 1996 - a recreational and an elite division. For information, call (416)260-0018. Playing opportunities are also available on men's teams - especially for goaltenders. Some co-ed playing opportunities are also available.

There will be a North American Roller Hockey Championship August 23 to 27, 1996 in Chicago. The MTRRHL plans to send two women's teams to this tournament.

Please fill out this application form if you would like more information.

Here is some Women's Roller Hockey Information that was provided by Tamara McKernan who is the Women's Coordinator for the National In-Line Hockey Association (NIHA) (email: nihacan@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca or nihacan@supernet.ab.ca).

Registration for In-line Hockey in Canada

(1) in Toronto...

(2) in Canada...

1998 Women's Tournaments/Events

The tournament listings have been moved to separate pages, since the list was getting too long!! Use the links below to find information on major tournaments:

I have just made some web pages that you can use to submit information about women's inline hockey tournaments in your area. Use the links below to read information that others have submitted, and to submit any tournaments that you know about:


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