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Information Available on the Net

(a) women-in-hockey mailing list

The women-in-hockey mailing on the server is for articles related to women who play ice and/or roller hockey. This is a regular e-mailing list where anyone who is subscribed to this list will receive the messages (in the form of e-mail) that other list members send to the list. From the world wide web, you can use the plaidworks administration page to get on or off the mailing list, or to alternate between receiving messages individually, or in a digest (all messages of the day in one big e-mail message).

Outside of the world wide web, to get on the women-in-hockey mailing list, send a regular e-mail message to Put the command, "subscribe women-in-hockey your name" (without quotes) in the body of the message and leave the subject line blank.

I am on the digest version of the mailing list, so I get one e-mail message from the list each day that contains all the articles sent to the list that day. This makes the amount of mail from the mailing list very manageable. By default you will not be on the digest version of the mailing list, so you will receive each article in a separate mail message. If you'd like to switch to the digest mode, you can use the plaidworks administration page, or you can send regular e-mail to Put the command, "SET women-in-hockey MAIL DIGEST" (without quotes) in the body of the message and leave the subject line blank.

Once you are on the list, you can use this address, to send articles to the other people on the list. You must be on the list to send articles.

Here are step-by-step instructions in case that was not too clear, and here is another link with the same information.

The women-in-hockey ftp site contains the women-in-hockey FAQ file, several reference files, and message archives of messages which were sent to the women-in-hockey mailing list. The archive files are named according to the date on which they were sent:

Here are a couple of large files containing some articles which were sent to the women-in-hockey list.

(b) newsgroup

Here is a link to the women's hockey FAQ file. All information in the women's hockey FAQ file is also contained in the newsgroup FAQ file. There is information about American and Canadian university hockey, as well as the results of several women's leagues and tournaments. The FAQ file is maintained by Rob Del Mundo ( and is posted regularly to the newsgroup.

There generally aren't a lot of women's hockey articles posted to the newsgroup, but on occasion you'll find one or two. Here is a file containing some women's hockey articles which were posted to the newsgroup.

(c) hockey-l college hockey mailing list

Another source for women's hockey information on the net is the hockey-l college hockey mailing list. Articles about women's hockey are posted to the mailing list periodically. Here are a few of the women's hockey related articles that were sent to this mailing list.

There are three different versions of this mailing list to which you may subscribe: info-hockey-l, hockey-l, and hockey-d. Hockey-d is the digest version (one summary message only sent to you each day) of hockey-l and info-hockey-l articles. Info-hockey-l is for college hockey information, and hockey-l is the discussion list for articles posted to info-hockey-l.

If you would like to get on one of the hockey-l mailing lists, send email to "" and in the BODY of your message, put:

       (to receive a daily digest of HOCKEY-L and INFO-HOCKEY-L
        articles -- I recommend subscribing to this digest version)
Additional hockey-l information:

(d) Youth Hockey Discussion List

This mailing list is dedicated to the discussion of youth ice hockey, primarily in the US and Canada. The list was just recently started. You can subscribe to the list by sending e-mail to "" with the line, "subscribe youth-hockey" in the body of the message. Here is a little more information about this mailing list.

(e) Women in Sports Discussion Forum

Pleiades Networks' internet resources for women provides a discussion forum where women can discuss topics related to sports and recreation. This discussion forum is not specific to hockey.

International Tournament Registry

Avenue Park Entertainment International maintains a database of sports tournaments. They have a page for women's hockey tournaments. You can go there to look at a listing of tournaments, or to register tournaments that you know about. They hope that by providing this database they'll make it possible, for example, for teams in Europe to find out about tournaments in North America, or vice versa. Here is the link for the International Sports Tournament Registry page. There is no charge for listing or visiting. Here is Louise Mallory's article about Organizing Hockey Tournaments. Here are files that list tournaments in Ontario and tournaments in the USA.

Book References

I have made a web page where you can purchase women's hockey books over the Internet, or you can view a list of women's hockey books that are currently available in stores. Please send me e-mail if you know of any other women's hockey books.

Here is an article on women's hockey which was written by Joe Clark for the Village Voice (NYC) and an article called Women's Hockey: Speed, Smarts and Skills by Tim Falconer. Here is a women's hockey equipment questionnaire.

The Hockey Player Magazine is starting a women's hockey publication and is looking for writers and photographers. If you're interested, please see this information about the new women's hockey Magazine called, WOMEN'S HOCKEY.

Hockey Hall of Fame

There is a nice women's hockey display at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto (10 Front Street). There is a huge picture of the 1992 Team Canada on display, as well as some jerseys, Team Canada's World Championship plates, pictures from the Championnats mondiaux, and a few other odds and ends. It's a great place. Check it out! Here is a link to the Hockey Hall of Fame Homepage. This link provides a brief description of the Hall of Fame, as well as information about its location and prices.

I'd like to thank the Hockey Hall of Fame's photographer, Doug MacLellan, for some of the pictures that I use in my homepage.

International Hockey

More information about women's international hockey (world championships, tournaments, hockey in a number of different countries, etc.) can be obtained in my Women's International Hockey page. Here are two links to general text files in case you want to get a quick overview of which countries are active in international women's hockey.

University Hockey

My Women's University Hockey page provides more details about women's University hockey in the USA and in Canada. It also has a few links to some other women's hockey web sites and a few articles about girls' high school hockey in Minnesota.

Women's Team Canada Paraphernalia

Jane Sherk Promotions has some t-shirts, jerseys, and other Team Canada souvenirs available. For more information you may contact her by email at, or by regular mail at:

77 Culpepper Drive
Waterloo, Ontario
N2L 5K8

Telephone: (519) 886-8467
FAX: (519) 886-6543

The Canadian Hockey Association also has some souvenirs available. See their Breakaway Store for more information.

Women's Hockey Sites on the Web

If you know of any other URLs, please send them my way.

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