CSC290 Communication Skills for Computer Scientists

Fall 2018

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Critical Reviews

Course Description

Targeted instruction and significant practice in the communications required for careers in computer science. The curriculum covers written, oral and interpersonal communication. Students will hand in short pieces of writing each week, will make oral presentations several times in the semester, and will work together in simulated project meetings and other realistic scenarios of pair and small group interaction. This can be used to satisfy the writing requirement in CSC programs.

Course Syllabus: LEC0101(M 3pm-5pm IB140), LEC0102 (M 5pm-7pm IB335).


All announcements will be made on Quercus

Course Staff

Instructor: Lisa Zhang
Office Hours: Weds 1pm-3pm DH3068
Email: lczhang [at] cs [dot] toronto [dot] edu
Please include "CSC290" in your subject.

Tentative Schedule

Week 1Sep 10Lecture: Introduction & Communication Theory
Tutorial: Mini-Networking
RequiredRecommendedBlog Post (Sep 23)
Week 2Sep 17Lecture: Critical Thinking
  • Slides [pdf]
  • Critical Thinking Worksheet [pdf]
  • Grammar Worksheet [pdf]

Tutorial: Understanding Critical Review
RequiredBlog Post (Optional)
Week 3Sep 24 RGASC Drop In Time for Critical Review:
Sep 24 3pm-7pm, 3rd floor North Building

Lecture: Project Managment and Business Analysis

Tutorial: Team Charter Exercise
Critical Review 1 (Sep 30)
Week 4Oct 1Lecture: Unified Modeling Language (UML)

Tutorial: Group work

Team Charter (Oct 7)

Reading week, no class / tutorial

Blog Post (Oct 14)
Week 5Oct 15Lecture: Interpersonal Communication

Tutorial: Teamwork Case Studies
Blog Post (Oct 21)
Week 6Oct 22Lecture: Presentation Skills

Tutorial: Presentation Practice

Presentation Proposal (TBD)

Critical Review Edits (Oct 28)

Week 7Oct 29Lecture: Midterm

Tutorial: Groupwork
Blog Post (Nov 4)
Week 8Nov 5Lecture: Instructions and Documentations

Tutorial: Shape Exercises
Blog Post (Nov 11)
Week 9Nov 12Lecture: Code, Comments, and Code Review

Tutorial: Code Exercises

Presentation Slides Due

Week 10Nov 19Lecture: Professional Writing

Tutorial: Presentations
Blog Post (Nov 25)
Week 11Nov 26Lecture: Email and Feedback

Tutorial: Presentations
Critical Review 2 (Dec 2)
Week 12Dec 3Lecture: Resume and Cover Letter Blog Post (TBD)

Team Evaluations

Final Examination (TBD)