CSC290 Communication Skills for Computer Scientists

Fall 2019

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Course Teaching Team

Lisa Zhang (Instructor)

I love nerdy humour and enjoy tea.

Rutwa Engineer (T6-7)

Yes, that’s actually my last name :) I’m pursuing a double major in computer science and criminology. I enjoy hiking and biking.

Michelle Lim (T5-6)

I'm a 4th year student specializing in CS. I am from Malaysia and love traveling when I get the chance! I enjoy hiking, bouldering, and hanging out with friends.

Kwangjin Park (T9-10)

I'm a 3rd year student specializing in CS. I like watching Anime (Have you seen Demon Slayer? It's a must watch!) when I'm not studying, teaching or grading.

William Hirsch (T10-11)

I'm a third year cs student. My interests include cooking, D&D (don't ask me when the last time I played was), and watching anime. I'm not nearly as much of a jock as the image makes me seem. he/him

Niveditha Kani (F3-4)

AKA Nivy :) I'm pursuing a CS specialist and a management major. Also, I love vocaloid music!

Smit Rao (F4-5)

Most things aren't worth losing sleep for. Hackathons are an exception. My favorite speech of all time is JFK's "We choose to go to the moon".