This is a photo of Stav. Soon I will replace it with a photo of myself.

Yaron Kanza

Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
40 St George Street
Toronto M5S 2E4, Ontario, Canada

Office : Bahen Center of Information Technology (BCIT), Room 5222
Email : (replace my-name with yaron)
Phone (office) : (416) 946 3983
Fax : (416) 978 4765
Phone (home) : (416) 481 7489
Phone (cellular) : (416) 828 7893

I'm a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto.
I am working with

When I came here, for a short time I also worked with Prof. Alberto Mendelzon. Sadly, Alberto passed away last June. May is memory be blessed!

I am a member of the UofT Database Group.

Research Interests:

Most of my research is in database theory. Specific interest topics of mine are: the semistructured data model and XML, query languages for semistructured data, dealing with incomplete information, access-control and security in database systems.


See DBLP for a list of my publications in the DBLP publications server.

Ph.D. Thesis



Projects at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in which I was involved in the past: