CSC444F: Software Engineering I

(Fall term 2001)


About the Course

Class lists and team contact lists for the practical sections are as follows. Please note that some of you have told me you signed up for different sections - it's entirely possible that the classlists I used were old. In the event that these lists disagree with ROSI, these lists should be taken as correct:

General Course Handouts

Lecture Notes & Assignments

Lecture notes and assignments will become available during the term:
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Monday Lab Session
1 3/9/01 (none) L00: Orientation lecture (none)
2 10/9/01 L01: Why Software Fails L02: Case studies: The Mars Program

Form Teams;
A1: Risk Management Plan

3 17/9/01 L03: Software Project Management L04: Software Lifecycles Measurement Exercise (see: Measurement Notes and GQM paper)
4 24/9/01 L05: Decomposition and Abstraction L06: Procedural Abstractions

(A1 due)
A2: Design Documentation and Test Plans
(see also: Testing handout)

5 1/10/01 L07: Data Abstractions L08: Testing Phase 1 Marketing Presentations
6 8/10/01 L09: Reviews and Inspections L10: Formal Verification no tutorial - Thanksgiving!
A3: Quality Assessments and Fagan Inspections
7 15/10/01 L11: Debugging & Exceptions L12: Software Quality

(A2 due)
Conduct Fagan Inspection
(See also: Inspection Forms)

8 22/10/01 L13: Software Design Representations L14: Requirements Analysis (A3 due)
A4: Integration Reports
9 29/10/01 L15: Structured Modeling L16: Object Oriented Modeling Phase 2 Marketing Presentations
10 5/11/01 L17: Formal Modeling L18: Specifications A5: User Manuals and Packaging
11 12/11/01 L19: Software Architectures L20: Software Maintenance and Reuse

(A4 due)
Beta and Delta to give Assessed Demos of Phase 2 Products

12 19/11/01 L21: Process Modeling and Improvement L22: Software Measurement
(+ Course evaluation)

(A5 due)
A6: Report on the Change Request
Alpha and Gamma to give Assessed Demos of Phase 2 Products

13 26/11/01

L21: Process Modeling and Improvement (repeated!)
No lecture on Monday)

No Lecture Assessed Presentations

L23: Course Summary & exam guide
No lecture on Monday)

No Lecture
A6 is due on Wed 5th Dec (bring it to the Wednesday lecture)


The following past exam papers are available. Please note that there may be changes in material covered on the course from year to year. Past exam papers can be treated as a guide to possible style and content of the exam paper, but should not be regarded as a guide to the topics that may come up on this year's exam.

Contact Details


Prof. Steve Easterbrook
email: sme (AT) cs (DOT) toronto (DOT) edu
web page:
phone: 978-3610 (please use only for emergencies)
Office: PT396B (Pratt Building)
Office Hours: Monday 10-12am


We have six TAs this year. They will be assigned to tutorial sections as follows:

Alpha and Beta:

Gamma and Delta:

Course Newsgroups:

The general course newgroup is: ut.ecf.csc444 (news server info.ecf).
There are also newsgroups for each tutorial group, to discuss trading and related issues: