CSC444F: Software Engineering I

(Fall term 2001)


This course has two sections, both taught by Prof. Easterbrook.


There are two lectures per week. Each lecture will be given twice, one for each section. Choose one section to attend:
Section A
Mon 9am, MC102
Thurs 1pm, MC252
Section B
Wed 11am, SS2117
Fri 9am, MC252
Lectures start on Thursday 6th September 2001.


There a 3-hour practical once each week. These start in the second week of term (i.e. from September 10). There are 4 practical sections as follows:
Mon 4-7pm
Mon 4-7pm
Mon 4-7pm
Mon 4-7pm
Class lists for each practical section are here: The first practicals will be held in the week of September 10th. The first practical will be used to form teams, and find out a little about the course projects. If you miss the first practical, make sure that by the end of the week you have found out which practical section you should be in.


The course project will be conducted in teams of four students. All members of a team must be in the same practical section. You will form yourselves into teams during the first practical. By the end of that practical, you should submit to the TA a team information sheet filled out with the details of your team. If you miss the practical, you may submit the sheet by Friday 14th September.

Once you have formed a team you will not be allowed to change the membership of the team.


There are no timetabled lab sessions for this course. You will need to use the labs in your own time for software development.


There is a timetabled tutorial on Thursdays at 4pm, in SF3202. We will not be using this for formal tutorials. Instead, this time is set aside for you to meet with your teams. You should be conducting team meetings regularly, and can meet whenever is convenient — this timetabled slot on Thursdays is a time when you can guarantee that none of your team have classes.