CSC 108H (StG, Summer 2011): Python links


There is extensive Python documentation; you can use it online or click the first link to download the documentation to your own computer. (Please do not download it to your campus account; use the online version instead.)

What to Install

The course software is available in the computer labs, but you can also install the software on your own computer, so that you can work from home.

Important re Snow Leopard + media module

The module, which we use in some lectures and labs to do image or sound manipulation, is not compatible with the new version of OS X, Snow Leopard. (This is because depends on some other modules that we didn't write, and that have not been updated yet to be compatible with this very recent version of the operating system.) If you have installed Snow Leopard, you can use Wing to do everything other than use If you need to use, you have two options: