CSC108H (StG, Summer 2011): Assignments

The Assignments

Here are the assignment topics, weights, and due dates. We will be posting the assignments here.

Assignment Topic (tentative) Weight Alone vs Paired Due Date
Assignment 1 Functions, Booleans, Docstrings. 5 % Alone 11:59 pm Friday June 3rd 2011
Assignment 2 Strings, Loops, Lists. 11 % Either 11:55 pm Monday June 27th 2011
Assignment 3 Dictionaries, Files 11 % Either 11:59 pm Monday July 25nd 2011
Assignment 4 Classes, binary numbers 13 % Either 11:59 pm Monday August 15th 2011

Assignment submission

All assignments and the project will be submitted electronically, using the MarkUs system. Log in to it here, using your cdf login and password. When working in a pair, only one person should submit the assignment.

Declaring a partnership

For some assignments you will be encouraged to work in a pair. If you choose to do so, you will need to declare your partnership.

To declare your partnership, one of you needs to invite the other to be a partner, and then they need to accept the invitation. To invite a partner, navigate to the appropriate MarkUs page for that assignment, find "Group Information", and click on "Invite". You will be prompted for the other student's cdf user name; enter it. To accept an invitation, find "Group Information" on the Assignment 1 page, find the invitation listed there, and click on "Join".

Although only one partner should submit the assignment, because you declared your partnership, we will know that both of you should get credit for the work -- no matter which of you submits it.

Submitting your work

To submit your work, navigate to the MarkUs page for the particular assignment, then click on the "Submissions" tab near the top. Click "Add a New File" and either type a file name or use the "Browse" button to choose one. Then click "Submit". You can submit a new version of a file later (before the deadline, of course); look in the "Replace" column.

Once you have submitted, click on the file's name to check that you submitted the correct version; We cannot accept any files after the due date, even if you have not modified them since the due date. Remember that spelling of filenames, including case, counts. If your file is not named correctly, your code will receive zero for correctness.

Working successfully in a pair

You may work alone or in a group of two for some assignments. If you are working in a group, make sure that you are using pair programmming just like in lab. The goal of pair programming is for the two of you to help each other learn the material and to avoid getting stuck with frustrating errors. If you split up the assignment and work separately, you are not getting practice on all aspects of the assignment.

Sometimes a student who is working with a partner drops the course in the middle of an assignment. If this happens, the other partner is still responsible for completing the assignment on time. If he or she has been actively engaged in the entire assignment, this should not be a problem; the assignments are designed so that an individual student can complete them. However, if the remaining partner has not been actively involved or does not have copies of all of the work, they will have serious difficulty completing the assignment. Make sure you don't find yourself in this situation: Be active in all parts of the assignment, and make sure that at the end of each meeting, both partners have a copy of all of the work.