CSC108H (StG, Summer 2011): Marks


Assignment Results

The assignments are marked online on the MarkUs website -- the same place where you will be submitting your work. The breakdown of your mark on each assignment, as well as TA feedback and autotesting results, will be available through MarkUs. A link will be provided here once some marking has been done. (Log in using your CDF username and password.)

Other Marks

Your tests, CodeLab exercises, and weekly labs will be done outside of MarkUs. As marks for these become available, you will be able to access them from the CDF Student Website. (Log in with your CDF username and password.)

Be sure to check your grades regularly. If you find there has been an error in recording a grade, report it to the instructor, Marek Janicki, using the email address on the Course Info Sheet.

Grace Days

We are keeping track of used grace days and you can access the info on the CDF Student Website. The number of grace days used is the number shown.