About Me

I am a PhD student at the University of Toronto; my research focuses on CS education. I am interested in organizational change in how CS is taught, and how to evaluate change intiatives. Right now, I am focusing on evaluating the effectiveness of diversity initiatives in CS education. I also do some side-work on incorporating social context into CS1 assignments, and I regularly work as a course instructor for first-year CS.

I'm a member of the Software Engineering Research Group of the Department of Computer Science, being supervised by Steve Easterbrook and Michelle Craig.

My MSc was also done at U of T, with my research project being on the pedagogical effects of having first-year CS students compare and contrast different approaches to writing code. Before that, I completed a BSc in Honours Integrated Sciences (CS/physics/math) at the University of British Columbia; my Honours thesis focused on how CS teaching assistants collaborate when team teaching CS1/2 labs.

You can read more about my research, as well as my teaching and other activities.

My last name is pronounced pah-TEET-sahs, and I tweet as @patitsel.