CSC 2410, Introduction to Graph Theory, Fall 2015

Wed 11-1, Bahen 2159

The text will be "Introduction to Graph Theory" by Doug West (Second edition).

ANNOUNCEMENTS   Assignment 3 will be available in my office on Tues Dec 22 after 11:00.  Your final exams should be graded by late afternoon.

Old final exams:  2013  2014


Assignment 1 is due on Tuesday Oct 21. 

Assignment 2 is due on Tuesday Nov 10. 

Assignment 3 is due on Tuesday Dec 8, either slipped under my door or emailed to me before I arrive Wed morning.


Sept 16: Chapter 1.   Read Chapter 2.


Sept 30: We start matchings.  Chapter 3.

Oct 7: More matchings. Chapter 3

Oct 14: f-factors; connectivity; network flows. Chapters 3,4

Oct 21: more network flows; possibly begin colourings. Chapters 4,5

Oct 28: graph colouring  Chapter 5.

Nov 4:  more graph colouring, including edge colouring  Chapters 5,7

Nov 11: planar graphs

Nov 18: more planar graphs

Nov 25: the four colour theorem

Dec 2:  Hamilton cycles

 OFFICE HOURS: by appointment.  Send me email, and we can usually set up a time, often on short notice. If many of you request that I set up regular office hours, I will do so.