CSC 2410, Introduction to Graph Theory, Winter 2014

The final exam will be on Thursday Apr 10 from 1:00 - 4:00.  Room WB 144

Thur 2-4, Bahen 4010

The text will be "Introduction to Graph Theory" by Doug West (Second edition).


Assignment 1    Correction:  In problem 4, G is connected.  I.e., the problem should read "Prove that if G is a CONNECTED claw-free graph with ...."

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

2012 Final Exam
2013 Final Exam


Jan 9: Chapter 1.   Read Chapter 2.
Jan 16: We start matchings.  Chapter 3.

Jan 23:  More matchings. Chapter 3
Jan 30:  Connectivity and Network Flows.  Chapter 4

Feb 6:  More connectivity and Network Flows, and then we start colouring. Chapter 5

Feb 13: More colouring.

Feb 27: Edge colouring and List colouring.  Sections 7.1 and 8.4.

Mar 6:  We start planar graphs.

Mar 13:  More planar graphs.

Mar 20: The Four Colour Theorem

Mar 28: Hamilton cycles

 OFFICE HOURS: by appointment.  Send me email, and we can usually set up a time, often on short notice. If many of you request that I set up regular office hours, I will do so.