Music Projects

What is an aging academic to do when his faculty job is winding down, and he stops being professor activus and starts being professor emeritus?  Work on other stuff, that's what!  In my case, a lot of it has to do with music.

DISCLAIMER: There are a number of music files on this site that were made by me for the fun of it. If you enjoy listening to them, that's great! If you want to use them for some purpose of your own, go ahead, it's fine with me. Regarding intellectual property, copyright, and the like, I believe I am not infringing on anyone else's, and as for my own, I don't really care. If you think you can actually make *money* with these files, more power to you. If you're successful, send me a big cheque!

There are currently the following musical projects on this site:

There is also musical software to check out here.

I want to thank my family and friends who were nothing but encouraging as I spent many hours over the years noodling away with musical equipment and MIDI. A very special thanks to two of them: Patrick Feehan, who was so helpful and inspiring when I was getting started in 1990, and then never let up; and Jim des Rivières, who made me wonderful CD covers when I wanted them, and who goaded me into continuing with musical endeavours whenever I was starting to let up. Without the encouragement of these two, I might have taken up golf.

—  Hector Levesque