Three Adagios (2023)

This is a MIDI performance of three pieces of music for string orchestra. It is my third attempt at classical symphonic music, and was performed the same way as the first and second.

Warning: This music may not be suitable for listeners looking for something peppy and upbeat. Discretion is advised.

MP3 Files

Adagio for Strings (1936) by Samuel Barber 6:56
Nimrod Variation (1898) by Sir Edward Elgar 4:08
Adagietto (1901) by Gustav Mahler  9:02

Liner Notes

About the music
Original MIDI scores: Pierre Schwob, Edward Gold, Luis Juan
Orchestral samples:Virtual Playing Orchestra

These performances are dedicated to my late brother Paul, who had eclectic but very specific musical tastes: Brubeck yes, Monk no; Rozsa yes, Steiner no; Ringo yes, Charlie Watts no; Vaughn Williams yes, Britten no; and many more. But he had a soft spot for adagio movements of all stripes, which he collected the way others might collect butterflies.

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