For a Few Notes More (2019)

This is a reboot of A Fistful of Notes. It has the same notes as the original, but totally new performances on a new piano in a new acoustic space. More piano, more forte, more rubato, less rhubarb!

The reboot contains a bonus track, a piece by Sydney J. Hurtubise, called by some the least prolific composer of the last decade.

MP3 Files
01. Chopin Etude1:45
02. Debussy Claire3:31
03. Fauré Prelude3:10
04. Scarlatti Sonata3:31
05. Beethoven Sonata6:12
06. Satie Gymnopédie2:41
07. Chopin Prelude71:04
08. Handel Largo2:46
09. Bach Aria2:20
10. Wagner Prelude3:30
11. Ravel Concerto4:21
12. Fauré Nocturne1:35
13. Chopin Prelude42:09
14. Schumann Reverie2:44
15. Bonus Track1:58

All performances and arrangements are by Hector J. Levesque and in memory of Jim des Rivières.

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