Nocturnes for Nighthawks (2008)

The pieces in this collection are compositions of mine on a variety of synthesizers (mainly a Korg Wavestation, a Korg M1, and a Roland U220). Listening to them today, I can't help but hear an undercurrent of melancholy in many of them. In fact I had lost my mother and my colleague Ray Reiter a few years earlier, and that likely had a lot to do with it.

The collection was dedicated to the memory of my mother.

MP3 Files
01. Summer evening3:54
02. Rain in the dark4:31
03. It's bedtime3:47
04. End of the day4:13
05. A dream4:17
06. Deep sleep3:58
07. Up at 34:20
08. In the moonlight4:17
09. Daybreak4:32
10. A new day5:49

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