A Fistful of Notes (2013)

The pieces in this collection are my versions of some well-known piano compositions or extracts thereof.1  What struck me about each of them is how much the composer was able to say in just a few notes, a mere fistful of them. Or to put it differently, these are all pieces with an extremely high music-to-note ratio. This is what I focused on and what I tried to capture in these interpretations.

As odd as this may sound, I didn't actually play any of these pieces on a piano. The performances were put together on a computer, where my job was to decide for each note just when it should hit, how hard, and for how long.2

This collection is dedicated to the memory of my dear uncle, Mon Oncle Jean,3 who showed me how to enjoy music.

MP3 Files 4
01. Chopin Etude1:45
02. Debussy Claire3:05
03. Fauré Prelude2:40
04. Scarlatti Sonata3:22
05. Beethoven Sonata6:02
06. Satie Gymnopédie2:25
07. Chopin Prelude70:51
08. Handel Largo2:30
09. Bach Aria2:10
10. Wagner Prelude3:20
11. Ravel Concerto4:08
12. Fauré Nocturne1:25
13. Chopin Prelude41:47
14. Schumann Reverie2:23

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