Musical Software Projects

Beyond making my own music (which can be found online here), I also enjoy producing software that can be used in the making of music. (To retain this enjoyment aspect, it is crucial to choose a software platform very carefully. In my case, this usually means LISP/Scheme, or maybe Prolog. Programming in Java or C++ has never ever felt like fun to me.)

DISCLAIMER: Please help yourself to any of the files in these projects and use them however you see fit. Regarding intellectual property, copyright, and the like, I believe I am not infringing on anyone else's (but do let me know if I'm wrong), and as for my own, I don't really care. All the files are provided as is, however. No guarantees. No 24-hour tech support. No "I agree" button to click.1  No nothing. Some assembly most assuredly required.

There are currently two musical software projects on this site:

There is also a musical application of SPUR here.

— Hector Levesque

1 If there had been a License Agreement for the software, here is what I would have liked it to say:

In downloading the following software, I hereby agree that I will not make the author regret the day he made the software available for downloading.