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Current Ph.D. Students

Christopher Collins
Visualization of linguistic data.
M.Sc. thesis: Head-Driven Probabilistic Parsing for Word Lattices,
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto,
January 2004. Co-advised with Sheelagh Carpendale.
Timothy Fowler
Categorial grammar.
M.Sc. thesis: A Graph Formalism for Proofs in the Lambek Calculus with Product,
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto,
August 2006.
Abdurrahman Samir Mohamed
Acoustic modelling.
Xiaodan Zhu
Speech summarization.

Current M.Sc. Students

Jackie Cheung
Free-word-order parsing.
Rouzbeh Farahmand
Representations of partially ordered sets.
Michael Reimer
Task-based dynamical modelling of speech.


Eric Corlett
Discrete algorithms for speech processing.

External Examiner

Andrew Burrow, Department of Computer Science, University of Adelaide, defended 2006.
Martin Jansche, Department of Linguistics, Ohio State University, defended 2004.
Jen-Philippe Prost, Department of Computing, Macquarie University, defended 2008.

Former Ph.D. Students

Cosmin Munteanu
Usable Transcriptions of Webcast Lectures and Presentations
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto,
March 2009. Co-advised with Ron Baecker.
Research Scientist, National Research Council of Canada.
Mohammad Haji-Abdolhosseini
Modularity and Soft Constraints: a study of conflict resolution in grammar
Department of Linguistics, University of Toronto,
April 2004. Co-advised with Elizabeth Cowper.
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Iowa State University.

Former M.Sc. Students

Michael Demko
Statistical Parsing with Context-free Filtering Grammar,
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto,
October 2007.
Programmer, NexJ Systems.
Ken Hoetmer
Higher-Order Types for Grammar Engineering,
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto,
March 2005.
Akshay Kalle
Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto,
August 2006.
Director, Integration and Development, Pathway Communications.
Siavash Kazemian
A Critical Assessment of Spoken Utterance Retrieval through Approximate Lattice Representations,
Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto,
January 2009.
Programmer, Financial Information Retrieval Group, Morgan Stanley.
Karen Steinicke
Memory Management for Logic Programming with Typed Feature Structures,
Department of Computational Linguistics, Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen.
September 2007. Co-advised with Dale Gerdemann.
Oliver Suhre
Computational Aspects of a Grammar Formalism for Languages with Freer Word Order,
Department of Informatics, Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet,
November 1999. Co-advised with Klaus-Joern Lange.
Research Programmer, IBM Deutschland.

Former Undergraduates

Travis Choma
Research M.Sc. Candidate,
Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam.
David James
Ryan McDonald
Research Scientist, Google, Inc.
Yuecheng Zhang
Programmer, Microsoft.


Bob Carpenter Alias I, Inc.
Thilo Goetz IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center
Jianying Hu IBM, T.J. Watson Research Center
Octav Popescu Carnegie Mellon University
Frank Richter Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet Tuebingen
Manfred Sailer Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet Tuebingen
Richmond Thomason University of Michigan

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