CSC 2517 -- Discrete Mathematical Models of Sentence Structure

Winter 2023

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Contact information

Instructor: Gerald Penn
Office: PT 283A (St. George campus)
Tel: 978-7390
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Meeting times

Lectures: W 4-6, UC 087
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Presented Readings


Gerald Penn 11 January Intro and Combinatory Categorial Grammar
Gerald Penn 18 January Proof Nets Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 53, 2004,  pp. 274-295
Jinman Zhao and Huan Ling 25 January Structural Realization with GGNNs Proc. TextGraphs-15,  pp. 115-124, 2021
Kirill Lossev 25 January Monads for Natural Language Semantics Proc. ESSLLI student session,  pp. 285-298, 2001
Gerald Penn 1 February Weisfeiler-Lehman Isomorphisms
Huan Ling 8 February Weisfeiler and Lehman Go Cellular: CW Networks Proc. NeurIPS 2021
Frank Niu 15 February Weisfeiler and Lehman Go Topological: Message Passing Simplicial Networks Proc. ICML 2021
Jessi Stark 22 February Evaluating Distributional Models of Semantics for Syntactically Invariant Inference Proc. EACL 2012
Jinman Zhao and Xinyu Kang 15 March A Topological characterisation of Weisfeiler-Leman equivalence classes TAG-ML Workshop

Additional Readings for the Lectures

Title Author Publication Details
Speech and Language Processing D. Jurafsky & J. Martin 3rd ed., draft

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Tentative course outline

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Calendar of important course-related events

Date Event
Wed, 11 January First meeting
Mon, 23 January Last day to add course
Wed, 22 February FAS reading week: but we are meeting!
Mon, 27 February Last day to drop course
Tue, 14 March Paper proposals due
Wed, 22 March No meeting
Wed, 5 April Last meeting
Fri, 28 April Term papers/projects due

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Your final mark will be determined by a term paper/project, and a presentation of a paper in class.  The relative weights of these components towards the final mark are shown in the table below:

Class presentation 30%
Term paper/project 70%

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In this space, you will find announcements related to the course. Please check this space at least weekly. Back to the index

Gerald Penn, 24 February, 2023
This web-page was adapted from the web-page for another course, created by Vassos Hadzilacos.