David Acuna

Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto

Contact: davidj@cs.toronto.edu

About me

I am a graduate student at University of Toronto working with Prof. Sanja Fidler. My interest areas are Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Generative Models and the intersection between Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

Before coming to Toronto, I worked at Central University of Las Villas (UCLV) as researcher and instructor. There, I conducted research in the use of Machine Learning algorithms to predict user location in indoor environments. I also taught undergraduate courses in Probability, Statistics and Computer Programming.

I’ve got my Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications and Electronics Engineering (BEng) in 2013, and I finished several postgraduate courses in Computer Networks in 2015.


  • D. Acuna * H. Ling *, A. Kar * and S. Fidler, Efficient Interactive Annotation of Segmentation Datasets with Polygon-RNN++ CVPR 2018 [website]
  • B. Xu, D. Acuna and D. Duvenaud, Generating Class-conditional Images with Gradient-based Inference. NIPS workshop on Constructive Machine Learning, 2016 [pdf] [poster]
  • D. Acuna, A. Moreno Montes de Oca, and Y. Fernandez, "Indoor location system for mobile devices based on Android." XVI Convención de Ingeniería Eléctrica CIE2015, Villa Clara, Cuba, 2015 [pdf]
  • Y. Fernandez, D. Acuna, E. Ortiz Guerra, and V. Alfonso Reguera, "Challenges of rendezvous algorithms for Cognitive Radio Networks." XVI Convención de Ingeniería Eléctrica CIE2015, Villa Clara, Cuba, 2015. [pdf]