Mian Wei

PhD Student at University of Toronto
email address: mianwei@dgp.toronto.edu


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If you find yourself reading this, you're in for a treat. Hi, I'm Mian Wei (first name pronounced me-anne or mayan, either works for me and last name pronounced way). I'm currently a PhD student at the University of Toronto working under Kyros Kutulakos. I've never done any course on web dev, so pardon my janky-looking website. I work in the field of computational photography. You might not know what that is, but I think about it as "researching novel ways to use a camera to improve computer vision software". My specific interest right now is understanding how active illumination can be used to improve or augment computer vision algorithms of the past.

Outside of Computer Science, I enjoy hiking, travelling, canoeing, kayaking, pretty much all forms of outdoor activities. During the winter, I like to ski. I'm a huge fan of board games, card games, D&D 5e, basically I like to do anything that requires me to think. Sometimes, I try to make puns and most of the time they're not good.


Dual-Tap Pipelined-Code-Memory Coded-Exposure-Pixel CMOS Image Sensor for Multi-Exposure Single-Frame Computational Imaging
Navid Sarhangnejad, Nikola Katic, Zhengfan Xia, Mian Wei, Nikita Gusev, Gairik Dutta, Rahul Gulve, Harel Haim, Manuel Moreno Garcia, David Stoppa, Kiriakos N. Kutulakos, and Roman Genov. ISSCC 2019.

Coded Two-Bucket Cameras for Computer Vision
Mian Wei, Navid Sarhangnejad, Zhengfan Xia, Nikita Gusev, Nikola Katic, Roman Genov, and Kiriakos N. Kutulakos. ECCV 2018. (Oral)
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Bend-a-rule: a Fabrication-based Workflow for 3D Planar Contour Acquisition
Mian Wei and Karan Singh. SCF 2017.

Additive Models for Conditional Copulas
Avideh Sabeti, Mian Wei, and Radu V. Craiu. Stat 2014.