Kyros Kutulakos

Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto

Office:  BA5264, Bahen Center (5th floor)
Phone:  (416) 946-8045
Fax:  (416) 978-1455
Email:  kyros AT

Mailing address:  40 St. George St
Rm 7224, Toronto, Ontario M5S 3G4, Canada

Affiliation: Computer Vision Group, Dynamic Graphics Project (DGP), Vector Institute

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Wenzheng Chen
Harel Haim
Parsa Mirdehghan
Robin Swanson
Mian Wei
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Selected Publications [by year] [GScholar]Selected Honors & Activities [bio] [cv]
Dual-Tap CMOS Sensor for Computational Imaging, ISSCC 2019 
Coded Two-Bucket Cameras for Vision, ECCV 2018 
Optimal Structured Light A La Carte, CVPR 2018 
Rolling Shutter Imaging on the Grid, ICCP 2018 
Epipolar Time of Flight, SIGGRAPH 2017 
Computational Imaging on the Electric Grid, CVPR 2017 
Depth from Defocus in the Wild, CVPR 2017 
First-Returning Photons for Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging, CVPR 2017 
Shape & Indirect Appearance by Structured Light Transport, IEEE PAMI 2016 
Energy-Efficient Imaging, SIGGRAPH 2015 
5D Transient Analysis of Light Transport, SIGGRAPH 2014 
What Do Aberrated Photos Tell Us about the Lens & Scene?, ICCP 2013 
Primal-Dual Coding to Probe Light Transport, SIGGRAPH 2012 
Light-Efficient Photography, IEEE PAMI 2011 
Dynamic Refraction stereo, IEEE PAMI 2011 
Non-Rigid Structure from Locally-Rigid Motion, CVPR 2010 
Time-Constrained Photography, ICCV 2009 
Confocal Stereo, IJCV 2009 
Light-Path Triangulation, IJCV 2008 
A Theory of Inverse Light Transport, ICCV 2005 
Multi-View Shape & Motion Capture by Surfel Sampling, IJCV 2002 
A Theory of Shape by Space Carving, IJCV 2000 
Calibration-Free Augmented Reality, IEEE TVCG 1998 
SIGGRAPH Oustanding Dissertation Honorable Mention given to former PhD student Matt O'Toole, 2017
Best Student Paper Award, CVPR 2017
Best Demo Award, CVPR 2015
Best Demo Award, ICCP 2015
Best Paper Runner-Up, CVPR 2014
Best Paper Runner-Up, ECCV 2006
Marr Prize Honorable Mention, ICCV 2005
Sloan Research Fellowship, 2001
Marr Prize, ICCV 1999
Best Student Paper Award, CVPR 1994
Program Co-Chair, ICCV 2013
Program Co-Chair, ICCP 2010
Program Co-Chair, CVPR 2003

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