CSC2106S: Requirements Engineering

(Winter term, 2004)

This web page currently refers to an old version of the course, taught in 2004. For the current version of the course, please see the main course web page.


For 2004, we are running this course as an ARISE video-conferenced course, linking together the Universities of Toronto, Waterloo and York, and the IBM Toronto Lab. Students at any of these sites may take the course, but note that enrollment numbers will be limited at some sites.

Course seminars are timetabled for Wednesdays, 2pm to 5pm, starting Jan 7th, 2004. Location information is as follows:

About the Course

Course Outline

Please note: this is just an overview of the course content. Students taking the course can find more more material on the password protected page of Course notes and readings.

The slides available on this site are copyrighted. Please check with me if you wish to reproduce or adapt any of this material. I will normally grant permission for educational uses, as long as my copyright notice is preserved.

Week 1 (Jan 7, 2004): Course Orientation & Intro to RE

Week 2 (Jan 14, 2004): Basics of RE

Week 3 (Jan 21, 2004): Project Initiation

Week 4 (Jan 28, 2004): Elicitation Techniques (postponed!)

Week 5 (Feb 4, 2004): Elicitation Techniques

Week 6 (Feb 11, 2004): Modeling Enterprises

Week 7 (Feb 18, 2004): No seminar - Reading Week

Week 8 (Feb 25, 2004): Modeling Information and Behaviour

Week 9  (Mar 3, 2004): Modeling Quality Requirements

Week 10 (Mar 10, 2004): Specifications & Validation

Week 11 (Mar 17, 2004): Negotiation and Prioritization

Week 12 (Mar 24, 2004): Managing Change and Inconsistency

Week 13 (Mar 31, 2004): How Much Formality?