CSC 438F/2404F: Computability and Logic
Fall, 2016


I have now submitted final marks for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Graduate students can pick up their final exam from my office.


Chapter's I and II in Logical Foundations of Proof Complexity by Cook and Nguyen
(available on line through the U of T library) closely follows pp 1 - 52 in the Notes.

Lectures: MW 4 in SS 2106

Tutorial: F12 in SS 2106

Tutor: Lalla Mouatadid

Instructor: Stephen Cook , email: Office: Sandford Fleming 2303C, 416-978-5183
Office Hours: MW 5:15 - 6:00 Or make an appointment, or drop in.

Text: None. See Lecture Notes below.

Marking Scheme:

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Reference Link: Handbook of Proof Theory, Chapters I and II by Sam Buss

Other References:

Computability Reference:
Michael Sipser: Introduction to the Theory of Computation .

Lecture Notes

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