CSC407S / CSC2103S / ECE450S Lecture Schedule

01MJan. 7 Course Introduction (pdf, ps, ppt)
02WJan. 9 Software Design & Architecture (pdf, ps), ppt
 FJan. 11 
03MJan. 14 Early work on Design: David Parnas (pdf, ps, ppt)
04WJan. 16 Procedure-Oriented Structured Design (pdf, ps, ppt)
 FJan. 18 Structured Design Exercise/Example
 SuJan. 20Add Date
05MJan. 21 Object-Oriented Analysis/Design/Programming (UPDATED Feb.4 to add process slides: pdf, ps, ppt) 1 OUT
06WJan. 23 UML & OO Analysis
 FJan. 25 
07MJan. 28 OO Programming (UPDATED Feb.4 to Include last few slides: pdf, ps, ppt)
08WJan. 30 OOP
 FFeb. 1  1a DUE
09MFeb. 4 UML & OO Design (pdf, ps, ppt)
10WFeb. 6 OOD & Design Patterns intro
 FFeb. 8 
11MFeb. 11 (assignment 1 hints) Creational patterns (minor changes Feb.27 pdf, ps, ppt)
12WFeb. 13 Creational patterns
 FFeb. 15  1b DUE
13MFeb. 25 Creational patterns 2 OUT
14WFeb. 27 Creational patterns
 FMar. 1  1ab BACK
15MMar. 4 Creational Patterns and assignment 2 notes
16WMar. 6 LEXI case study (pdf, ps, ppt)
 FMar. 8 
 SuMar. 10Drop Date
17MMar. 11 LEXI case study
18WMar. 13 Lexi, Structural Patterns (pdf, ps, ppt)
 FMar. 15 
19MMar. 18 Structural patterns
20WMar. 20 Behavioral patterns (pdf, ps, ppt)
 FMar. 22 
21MMar. 25 Systems Architecture (pdf, ps, ppt)
22WMar. 27 Monolithic Systems (pdf, ps, ppt) 2 DUE, 3 OUT
23MApr. 1 Client/Server Systems (pdf, ps, ppt)
24WApr. 3 Distributed Systems (pdf, ps, ppt)
 FApr. 5 
25MApr. 8 N-Tiered Systems (pdf, ps, ppt)
26WApr. 10 Course evaluations, exam info
 FApr. 12  2 BACK, 3 DUE