Elle lance ...... et compte!!!

|                                                                        |
|       ...  Elle lance!     ......          et compte!!!                |
|                                                _                 __    |
|      ~o         ~o          ~o            ~o  |        ~o     __|\ )_  |
| \____/|)        <|>         (|\_____/    \/Y\/|      `#(|\0__/ /| \__) |
|      />         /> \        />       .    /\           ('\\---' | .| | |
|     z z   .    z z  \_.    z z           z  z           \_\_\      | | |
|                                                          `  `      |_/ |
|    ÉQUIPE CANADA - CHAMPIONNES DU MONDE         - 1990, 1992, 1994     |

Chris Groom (c.groom@newcastle.ac.uk) made my "She Shoots .... she Scooooores!" ASCII picture into an ASCII animation. It's a cute ASCII animation of the little hockey player skating a bit, taking a shot, and scoring a goal. It's really well done. Thanks a lot, Chris! :-)

Getting the andria.vt file:

Here is a copy of the andria.uu ASCII animation file in uuencoded form. You should save the file as andria.uu, and then you'll need to give the UNIX command "uudecode andria.uu" to extract the file andria.vt from the encoded file. Then you can view the ASCII animation by typing "cat andria.vt". If it goes by too quickly on your screen, try using the unbuffered version of the cat command to view it instead by typing, "cat -u andria.vt".

   (1) Save the above andria.uu file.
   (2) type uudecode andria.uu from the UNIX prompt
          to extract the andria.vt file from this file.
   (3) type cat andria.vt from the UNIX prompt to
          view the animation file.
   (4) type cat -u andria.vt to slow down the animation
          a little.  See the next section if it's still not
          slow enough.

Getting the slowcat.pl file:

If the file still goes by too quickly on your screen when you give the cat command in step 3 or step 4 above, then you should download this very short perl script to view it slowly. Here is a copy of the slowcat.pl perl script file. You can use this perl script from the UNIX prompt by typing "slowcat.pl andria.vt".

   (1) Save the above slowcat.pl file.
   (2) Make sure the "perl" command is located at /local/bin/perl
         on your system.  If it is not, then you'll have to change
         the first line in the script to the appropriate location.
         Type the UNIX command "which perl" to find out the
         location of the perl program on your system.
   (3) Change the protection of this file to executable by entering
         the UNIX command, "chmod u+x slowcat.pl".
   (4) You can use the script by typing, "slowcat.pl andria.vt"
         at the UNIX prompt.  You'll notice that the animation goes
         much slower, so it will be easier to see.

I hope you have fun with it! Maybe you can modify the little hockey player to skate circles or do other things. Okay, so you're probably not that bored... :-)

Here's a link to a directory that has a lot of animation files, including the andria.vt file. This gopher directory also contains the file.

Cette page est mise à jour par Andria Hunter ( andria@sys.toronto.edu).

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