Support for Requirements Evolution over Time



In early-phase software engineering, stakeholders organize and define system requirements, constraints within the domain and environment, and stakeholders' inentions (i.e., goals, tasks, resources, and soft-goals/qualities). Modeling stakeholder goals and intentions helps stakeholders understand the problem context and evaluate tradeoffs, by exploring possible ``what if'' questions. Using these techniques, stakeholders are unable to reason about possible evolutions of scenarios, leaving questions unanswered about project viability when the fulfillment of goals or availability of components is not guaranteed in the future. This project focuses on specifying, modeling, and reasoning about goals that change over time (relative or absolute). Using simulation and SAT-based analysis, we created and validated a methodology for asking and answering questions about the evolution of qualitative goal models.


Alicia M. Grubb
Marsha Chechik
Gary Song
Marcel Serikawa
Jake Fear
Navie (Yikhei) Chan
Allen (Hanbin) Chang
Farhan Samir


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© IEEE 2017.
Supplementary Information
Talk Slides.

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© IEEE 2016.
Supplementary Information
Talk Slides.

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Talk Slides.

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Talk Slides.


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Review of Undergraduate Computer Science Papers

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BloomingLeaf: Formally modeling and Analysis for Goals with Temporal Dynamics in Tropos. GitHub

GrowingLeaf: is an iStar modeling and analysis tool focused on understanding model evolution and how the evaluations of intentional elements change over time. GitHub

Leaf2.0: an goal modeling tool complient with the iStar 2.0 language guide. GitHub

Leaf (beta): is a prototype tool for modeling i* (iStar) goal models.

Last Updated: November 14, 2017