CSC 418/2504 Computer Graphics, Winter 2008


Instructor: Ady Ecker

Lectures:   W 15:00-17:00 KP 108 (near Spadina circle)

Tutorials:  M 14:00-15:00 BA 2135 or M 15:00-16:00 BA 1180

Course information sheet

Previous Terms:

David Fleet

Karan Singh

Course textbook

Assignments: A1, A2, A3, A4 and code, midterm, final exam



·        A4 has been marked. You will be able pick it right after the exam.

·        Don’t forget to bring a calculator to the exam.


·        Exam information


·        A3:
Special remarking session Friday (4/4), 11:30-12:30, BA2200

·        A4:

Deadline extended to Friday 11/4.

You can implement CSG as one of the additional options for part 2.

Several students asked whether a scene file is necessary. Since the assignment asks for it, the answer is yes. However, you are free to design your own simple file format.

Wooden monkey competition: as in previous years, we’ll have a competition for the best ray-traced images. If you would like to participate, email me up to two images and one-sentence description by Tuesday (8/4). Works will be judged both on technical and aesthetic criteria. The winner will receive a small prize and will be mentioned on the web.

·        The tutorial on Monday will be review for the exam. Please review the material and bring any questions you might have

·        Next class I would like to check that all marks were recorded correctly. Please have your marks with you.


·        Special office hours for A4
   Friday March 28 10:00-11:00, BA2200
   Thursday April 3 10:00-11:00, BA2200

·        Tutorial slides and code


·        A3 deadline extension – Friday (14/3) noon


·        A3 FAQ

·        Slides from shading tutorial


·        Final exam date and location

·        Code from last tutorial

·        A3 is out

·        Jacky will have office hours to help you with the assignment in BA2200

Wed: 1:30-2:30, Feb 27 and March 5

Fri: 2:30-3:30, Feb 29 and March 7


·        Midterm information

·        Code from last tutorial

·        In the last week we have been receiving too many emails that we cannot support. Please bring your questions to class


·        Instructions for graduate students projects

·        Several students asked me if I can post my notes online. Unfortunately, they are not written in a way that can be posted


·        basicgl.cpp is the file shown last tutorial. You may compile it using
g++ -o runIt -lGL -lglut basicgl.cpp

·        C++ crash course


·        See updated hours and locations above

·        A1 is out

·        Background reading: parts of chapters 1,2,5 and 6 in the textbook

·        If you need help with the CDF system or the background math, you may visit the help center

·        Project option for graduate students: Graduate students may choose to do a presentation and submit a report instead of taking the final exam. Presentations will be somewhere in the last two weeks of classes and the report due by the date of the exam. Graduate students preferring this option should contact me before March 1