Graduate student project

Graduate students taking the computer graphics course may choose to do a project instead of taking the final exam. Students choosing this option should contact me to decide on a subject before March 1. I suggest starting working early since in the second half of the course you’ll also have the programming assignments.

The project will include giving a presentation and submitting a report.

I would like to have projects which review a broad area that we did not cover in class, and are of interest to all students in the class. The presentations period will be between March 31 to April 18, i.e. the last two weeks of classes and the week after. The exact date depends on the number of students presenting and the progress we make in the course. In case we need to schedule special meetings, attendance of all presenting students is required. Presenters should aim to 45 minutes presentations (this may change depending on the number of presenters).

The written report is due at the date of the exam. The report should be 10-15 pages. A report can be only a literature review, or you may implement and test some methods and describe the results in your report.  There should be a section discussing your opinion on the subject, e.g. what are the limitations of methods, what are possible improvements etc., and bibliography (at least 10 sources you have read). Marking will take into account the quality of the project, as well as readability and clarity.

Some possible topics:


Texture synthesis (Gery)

Subdivision surfaces

Radiosity (Mohammad)



Image-based rendering (Maja)

GPU programming (Vivek)

Mesh processing

Computer games

Historical development of computer graphics