Suzanne Stevenson

    Brief Bio




Dept. of Computer Science

University of Toronto

Our Research Group

Postdoctoral fellows:

Barend Beekhuizen   

Yevgen Matusevych   


Sasa Milic

Zahra Shekarchi


Julia Watson

Erin Grant   (Now a grad student at UC, Berkeley.)

Libby Barak   (Now a postdoc at Princeton University)

Aida Nematzadeh   (Now at Deep Mind)

Afsaneh Fazly   (Now at Thomson Reuters)

Chris Parisien   (Now at NexJ Health)

Paul Cook   (Now a faculty member at the University of New Brunswick)

Vivian Tsang   (Now at Quillsoft Ltd., Toronto.)

Afra Alishahi   (Now a faculty member at Tilburg University)

Mike Jamieson   (Now at Aimetis)

Wesley May   (Now at Facebook)

Ryan North   (A famous comic artist.)

Eric Joanis   (Now at the NRC.)

Former undergrad research assistants:

David James

Paul McCabe

Sasa Milic

Blake Richards