Wesley May

I'm a former MSc. student, in both computational linguistics (with Suzanne Stevenson) and computational vision (with Sven Dickinson).
My BSc. was from Simon Fraser University, largely in AI, theoretical computer science, and numbers with no fractional part.
Slightly more information about me can be found at wesleymay.com.

I can be contacted at wesley [Shift+2] cs.toronto.edu.



Here are some things that I think are really important for anybody learning programming for the first time:


I'm an avid ex-competitor in the annual ACM-ICPC contest. I've been to the Worlds contest twice, once with Simon Fraser University, and once with the University of Toronto (with Jacob Plachta and Qiyu Zhu). Most recently I was a co-coach for the U of T ACM-ICPC team alongside Carolyn MacLeod.

In 2012 the University of Toronto teams came 2nd, 17th, and 19th out of more than 130 teams in our region. The 2nd place team went to St. Petersburg in June 2013!

I'm a competitive contract bridge player and bridge teacher. You can learn how to play with LearnBridge!