University of Toronto
Steve Engels
Professor, Teaching Stream,
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto


AI References

Gaming Links

  • Zero Punctuation. I'm a fan of Yahtzee's animated video reviews. Just don't expect him to be a fan of your Wii games.
  • Metacritic. A mixture of experts approach to video game reviews.
  • CSSU Games Night. Every year the computer science students association hosts a video game night that lasts all night and is lots of fun. Hopefully it'll still be running by the time you read this :)
  • Video Games Live. Video game music, performed with a live symphony orchestra. When you want to attend the symphony and actually know what the songs are.


  • Online Comics (aka MWF time-wasters):
    • XKCD. Great strip for us geeks. If you want to further prove your geekiness to your non-technie friends, there's no better way than a comic strip from XKCD.
    • PHD Comics. For all you grad students and grad student wannabes out there.
    • Penny Arcade. Good for gaming jokes, and for rants about video games and life in general.
    • Something Positive. My new online comic favorite. Lots of really good lines in this one.
  • Toronto Gas Prices. Because in this day and age, we need all the help we can get.
  • The Catfish Recipe Page. Great recipes of my favorite fish.
  • The Onion. My source for illegitimate online information.