University of Toronto
Steve Engels
Professor, Teaching Stream,
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto

Contacting Steve

The most reliable way to contact me is through email. Calling me is a useful way to check if I'm in my office, but isn't a great way to leave messages for me (I sometimes have trouble accessing my voice mail). I'm always happy to make appointments to meet up, but please check my schedule to find out when I'm holding office hours, and when I'm available to meet in general (if office hours don't work for you).

Office Location: Bahen Centre, room 4266,
40 St. George Street, Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M5S 3E4
Office Email: sengels at cs dot utoronto dot ca
Office Phone: (416) 946-5454
Fax: (416) 968-7132
Twitter: @stevengels
LinkedIn: My profile