University of Toronto
Steve Engels
Professor, Teaching Stream,
Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto

Personal Information

Steve Engels is a Professor, Teaching Stream in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Steve came to the department at the end of 2002, and has recently been teaching courses in computer hardware, artificial intelligence and video game design. Steve's research interests in game design & programming, educational game design, artificial creativity (e.g. automatic music generation), open data and artificial intelligence applications.


Steve's most recent schedule.

If possible, please call or drop by during office hours. If you wish to meet with me outside of these hours, please email me to make an appointment, or call to confirm that I'm in my office.


My research interests started in areas related to artifical intelligence and machine learning at the University of Waterloo. Since then, my research interests still involve aspects of AI, but have also gravitated towards video game design, AR/VR applications and educational research. For more on my research interest, please check out my Research page.


General Interests

I am interested in many things. I like photography, jazz music, birds, movies, science fiction, swing dancing, volleyball, psychology, cooking, poetry and cheese that is good and stinky.